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108 STAT. 3556 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 "(c) PROGRAM PARTICIPATION.—Each local educational agency receiving assistance under this part is encouraged to design professional development programs so that— "(1) all school staff in schools participating in a schoolwide program under section 1114 can participate in professional development activities; and "(2) all school staff in targeted assistance schools may participate in professional development activities if such participation will result in better addressing the needs of students served under this part. "(d) PARENTAL PARTICIPATION. —Parents may participate in professional development activities under this part if the school determines that parental participation is appropriate. "(e) CONSORTIA. —In carrying out such professional development programs, local educational agencies may provide services through consortia arrangements with other local educational agencies, educational service agencies or other local consortia, institutions of higher education, or other public or private institutions or organizations. " (f) EFFECTIVE TEACHING STRATEGIES.—Knowledge of effective teaching strategies that is gained through professional development activities under this section may be shared with teachers who are not participating in targeted assistance programs under this part. "(g) COMBINATIONS OF FUNDS.— Funds provided under this part that are used for professional development purposes may be combined with funds provided under title II of this Act, title III of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act, and other sources. "(h) STATE REVIEW. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— The State educational agency shall review the local educational agency's plan under section 1112(b) to determine if such agency's professional development activities— "(A) are tied to challenging State student content and student performance standards; "(B) reflect research on teaching and learning where possible; "(C) are designed to have a positive impact on the teacher's performance in the classroom; "(D) contribute to continuous improvement in the classroom or throughout the school; "(E) include methods to teach children with special needs; "(F) are developed with the extensive participation of teachers; and "(G) include gender-equitable education methods, techniques, and practices. "(2) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. —I f a local educational agency's plan for professional development does not include the activities described in paragraph (1), the State educational agency shall provide technical assistance to such local educational agencies to enable such agencies to make progress toward inclusion of such activities in the local educational agency's professional development activities. "(3) SPECIAL RULE.—No State educational agency shall require a school or a local educational agency to expend a specific amount of funds for professional development activities