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108 STAT. 3582 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 "(2) the child or children, from birth through age seven, of any individual described in paragraph (1). " (b) ELIGIBILITY FOR CERTAIN OTHER PARTICIPANTS. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— Family members of eligible participants described in subsection (a) may participate in activities and services provided under this part, when appropriate to serve the purpose of this part. "(2) SPECIAL RULE. —Any family participating in a program assisted under this part that becomes ineligible for such participation as a result of one or more members of the family becoming ineligible for such participation may continue to participate in the program until all members of the family become ineligible for such participation, which—

  • (A) in the case of a family in which ineligibility was

due to the child or children of such family attaining the age of eight, shall be in two years or when the parent or parents become ineligible due to educational advancement, whichever occurs first; and "(B) in the case of a family in which ineligibility was due to the educational advancement of the parent or parents of such family, shall be when all children in the family attain the age of eight. 20 USC 6367. "SEC. 1207. APPLICATIONS. "(a) SUBMISSION.— To be eligible to receive a subgrant under this part, an eligible entity shall submit an application to the State educational agency in such form and contsdning or accompanied by such information as the State educational agency shall require. "(b) REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION. — Each application shall include documentation, satisfactory to the State educational agency, that the eligible entity has the qualified personnel needed— "(1) to develop, administer, and implement an Even Start program under this part; and "(2) to provide access to the special training necessary to prepare staff for the program, which may be offered by an eligible organization. "(c) PLAN. — "(1) IN GENERAL.— Such application shall also include a plan of operation for the program which shall include— (A) a description of the program goals; "(B) a description of the activities and services that will be provided under the program, including a description of how the program will incorporate the program elements required by section 1205; "(C) a description of the population to be served and an estimate of the number of participants to be served; "(D) as appropriate, a description of the applicant's collaborative efforts with institutions of higher education, community-based organizations, the State educational agency, private elementary schools, or other eligible organizations in carrying out the program for which assistance is sought; "(E) a statement of the methods that will be used— "(i) to ensure that the programs will serve families most in need of the activities and services provided by this part;