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108 STAT. 4754 PUBLIC LAW 103-449—NOV. 2, 1994 (2) develop an historic interpretation plan to interpret the history of the Corridor; (3) develop an inventory of existing and potential recreational sites which are developed or which could be developed within the Corridor; (4) recommend policies for resource management which consider and detail application of appropriate land and water management techniques, including but not limited to, the development of intergovernmental cooperative agreements to protect the Corridor's historical, cultural, recreational, scenic, and natural resources in a manner consistent with supporting appropriate and compatible economic revitalization efforts; (5) detail ways in which local. State, and Federal programs may best be coordinated to promote the purposes of this title; and (6) contain a program for implementation of the plan by the State and its political subdivisions. (b) PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT IN PLAN DEVELOPMENT.— During development of the plan, the Governor is encouraged to include: (1) The participation of at least the following: (A) Local elected officials in the communities defined in section 104. (B) Representatives of the three Regional Planning Agencies as defined in section 108. (C) Representatives of Northeast Connecticut Visitors District and Southeastern Connecticut Tourism District. (D) The Commissioners, or their designees, of the V Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Department of Economic Development. (E) Director, or his designee of the Connecticut State Historical Commission. (F) Residents of the communities within the Corridor as defined in section 104. (2) Hold at least one public hearing in each of the following counties: Windham; Tolland; and New London. (3) Consider, to the maximum extent practicable, the recommendations, comments, proposals and other information submitted at the public hearings when developing the final version of the plan. The Governor is encouraged to publish notice of hearings discussed in subparagraph (2) of this paragraph in newspapers of general circulation at least 30 days prior to the hearing date. The Governor is encouraged to use any other means authorized by Connecticut law to gather public input and/or involve members of the public in the development of the plan. (c) IMPLEMENTATION OF PLAN. —After review of the plan by the Secretary as provided for in section 106, the Governor shall implement the plan. Upon the request of the Governor, the Secretary may take appropriate steps to assist in the preservation and interpretation of historic resources, and to assist in the development of recreational resources within the Corridor. These steps may include, but need not be limited to— (1) assisting the State and local governmental entities or regional planning organizations, and non-profit organizations in preserving the Corridor and ensuring appropriate use of lands and structures throughout the Corridor;