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108 STAT. 4772 PUBLIC LAW 103-451—NOV. 2, 1994 Records. Federal Roister, publication. (3) maintain records as may be reasonably necessary to ftilly disclose— (A) the amount and the disposition of the proceeds of the direct grant or subgrant; (B) the total cost of the project for which the direct grant or subgrant is made; and (C) other records as may be required by the Secretary, including such records as wili facilitate an effective accounting for project funds; (4) provide access to the Secretary for the purposes of any required audit and examination of any books, documents, papers, and records of the person; and (5) be a unit of State or local government, or a private nonprofit organization. (e) PROCEDURES, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS. — (1) APPLICATION PROCEDURES.—An appHcation for a subgrant under subsection (b), or a direct grant or subgrant under subsection (c), shall be submitted under procedures prescribed by the Secretary. (2) TERMS AND CONDITIONS. —A person may not receive a subgrant under subsection (b), or a direct grant or subgrant under subsection (c), unless the person has agreed to assume, after completion of the project lor which the direct grant or subgrant is awarded, the total cost of the continued maintenance, repair, and administration of any property for which the subgrant will be used in a manner satisfactory to the Secretary. (f) REVIEW OF PROPOSALS.- (1) COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS.— The National Maritime Heritage Grants Committee shall review applications for subgrants under subsection (b), and direct grants or subgrants under subsection (c), and submit recommendations to the Secretary regarding projects which should receive funding under those direct grants and subgrants. (2) ALLOCATION OF GRANT FUNDING.— TO the extent feasible, the Secretary shall ensure that the amount made available tmder subsection (b) for maritime heritage education projects is equal to the amount made available under subsection (c) for maritime heritage preservation projects. (3) LIMITATION. —The amount provided by the Secretary in a fiscal year as grants under this section for projects relating to historic maritime resources owned or operated by the Federal Government shall not exceed 40 percent of the total amount available for the fiscal year for grants tmder this section. (g) DIRECT GRANTS AND SUBGRANTS PROCESS. — (1) DIRECT GRANTS AND SUBGRANTS SOLICITATION. —The Secretary shall publish annuaUv in the Federal Register and otherwise as Hie Secretary considers appropriate— (A) a solicitation of applications tor direct grants and subgrants under this section; (B) a Ust of priorities for the making of those direct grants and subgrants; (C) a single deadline for the submission of applications for those direct grants and subgrants; and (D) other relevant information. (2) RECEIPT AND APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL OF DIRECT GRANT AND SUBGRANT APPLICATIONS.—Within 60 days after the