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wAe-rH-^-s"--* PUBLIC LAW 103-465—DEC. 8, 1994 108 STAT. 4815 (3) The Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and ' Phytosanitary Measures. (4) The Agreement on Textiles and Clothing. (5) The Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade. (6) The Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures. (7) The Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994. (8) The Agreement on Implementation of Article Vll of the General A^eement on Tariffs and Trade 1994. (9) The A^eement on Preshipment Inspection. (10) The Agreement on Rules of Origin. (11) The Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures. (12) The Agreement on Subsidies and Coxintervailing Measures. (13) The Agreement on Safeguards. (14) The General Agreement on Trade in Services. (15) The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. (16) The Understanding on Rules and Procedures Cioveming the Settlement of Disputes. (17) The Agreement on (jovernment Procurement. (18) The International Bovine Meat Agreement SEC. 102. RELATIONSHIP OF THE AGREEMENTS TO UNITED STATES 19 USC 3512. LAW AND STATE LAW. (a) REiATiONSfflp OF AGREEMENTS TO UNITED STATES LAW.— (1) UNITED STATISS LAW TO PREVAIL IN CONFLICT.— No provision of any of the Uruguay Round Agreements, nor the application of any such provision to any person or circumstance, that is inconsistent with any law of the United States shall have effect (2) CONSTRUCTION. —Nothing in this Act shall be construed— (A) to amend or modify any law of the United States, including any law relating to— (i) the protection of human, animal, or plant life or health, (ii) the protection of the environment, or (iii) worker safety, or (B) to limit any authority conferred under any law of the United States, including section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, unless specifically provided for in this Act (b) RELATIONSHIP OF AGREEMENTS TO STATE LAW. — (1) FEDERAL-STA':rE CONSULTATION. -^ (A) IN GENERAL. —Upon the enactment of this Act, the President. President shall, through the intergovernmental policy advisory commillees on trade established under section 306(c)(2)(A) of the Trade and Tariff" Act of 1984 (19 U.S.C. 2114c(2)(A)), consult with the States for the purpose of achieving conformity of State laws and practices with the Uruguay Round.Agreements. (B) FEDER^y:^STATE CONSULTATION PROCESS.— The Trade Representative shall establish within the Office of the United States Trade Representative a FedeiiEd-State consultation process for addressing issues relating to the Uruguay Round Agreements that directiy relate to, or will