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108 STAT. 5254 PROCLAMATION 6641—DEC. 15, 1993 Annex I (con.) -117- (h) paper handling assemblies, incorporating more than one o£ the following: paper transport belt; roller; print bar; carriage; gripper roller; paper storage unit; exit tray; or (1) combinations o£ the above specified assemblies. Chapter rule 3: For purposes of this chapter: (a) references to "high definition" as it applies to television receivers and cathode-ray tubes refers to goods having-- (i) an aspect ratio of the screen equal to or greater than 16:9, and (ii) a viewing screen capable of displaying more than 700 scanning lines; and (b) the video display diagonal is determined by measuring the maximum straight line dimension across the visible portion of the face plate used for displaying video. Chapter rule 4: Tariff items 8529.90.29, 8529.90.33, 8529.90.36 and 8529.90.39 cover the following parts of television receivers (including video monitors and video projectors): (a) Video Intermediate (IF) amplifying and detecting systems; (b) Video processing and amplification~sys£ems; (c) Synchronizing and deflection circuitry; (d) Tuners and tuner control systems; (e) Audio detection and amplification systems. Chapter rule 5: For purposes of tariff item 8540.91.15, the term "front panel assembly" refers to: (a) with respect to a color cathode-ray television picture tube, an assembly which consists of a glass panel and a shadow mask or aperture grille, attached for ultimate use, which is suitable for incorporation into a color cathode-ray television picture tube (Including video monitor or video projector cathode-ray tube), and which has undergone the necessary chemical and physical processes for imprinting phosphors on the glass panel with sufficient precision to render a video image when excited by a stream of electrons; or (b) with respect to a monochrome cathode-ray picture tube, an assembly which consists of either a glass panel or a glass envelope, which is suitable for incorporation into a monochrome