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108 STAT. 5390 PROCLAMATION 6641—DEC. 15, 1993 Annex II (con.) - 91- Section (A). (con.) 123. (con.): Goodi of Mexico, tnJer the teniB of gwicrat note 12 to the tariff schedule (con.): CibtuQii, cauliflouer, kohlritoi, kale and sfailar edible farassicas, freeh or chiliad: ProvidKl for in subheading 0704.10.40: 9906.07.U If entered during the period fros January 1 to June 4, inclusive, in any year 9906.07. 15 If entered during the period fron October 16 to Novester 30, inclusiv*. in any year 9906.07. 16 If entered during the aonth of Dac*i*er Provided for in siiiieading 07D4.20.00: 9906.07.17 If entered during the period frus January 1 to March 31, incluaiva, or the period frca October 1 to DacMiier 31, inclusive, in ant yew.... 9906.07.18 If vitered during the period from April 1 to Septa«ber 30, inclusive, in any year Provided for in skiiiaadins 07D4.90.4O: Sprouting broccoli: 9906.07.19 If entered during the period from January 1 to Nay 31, inclusive, in ny year 9906.07. 20 If entered during the period from Jute 1 to DecMfeer 31, inclusive, in «iy ynr Other: 9906.07. 21 If entered.during the period froai January 1 to Hay 31, Incluaiwe, or the period inm Movsiter 1 to DacMtwr 31. inclusive, in any year 9906.07.22 If entered durlr« the period from Juw 1 to October 31, inclusive. In any year (See Mnex IIKI) to this ProclMatlcrtl (M() (Sea Mrnax IIKI) to this ProclMStion) (MK) ISaa Annex Ill(l) to this Proclaatiom (NO tSee Annex III(I) to this ProclaMtlem (IK) (Sae Amex Ill(l) to thia ProclMBtiong (M(> Kat A mex Ill( t) to this ProelMBtlera (NX) n aater ax IIK I) to this Praelaaation) (IK)