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PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1077 Annex (con.) - 28- Se ction A. (continued) (16)(b). (con.): (viii) The superior text preceding subheading 9906.04.51 which reads "Provided for In subheading 0403.90.80:", the superior text Inme dlately preceding s ubheading 99 06.04.51, subheading 99 06.04.51 and the superior text inunedlately following such subheading, and subheadings 9906. 04.52, 9906.0 4.53 and 990 6.04. 54, a r e all del eted, and the following provisions are Inserted In numerical sequence In lieu thereof: [Goods of Mexico,...:] tButtermili, curdled im'tk...:] "Provided for in subheading M03.90.9S: 990 6.04. 51 Subject to the quant itati ve limits specified in U.S. note 7 to this subchapter Free (MX) Other: 9906.04.52 Valued not over 11.27/kg 84.6t/l(g (MX) 9906. 04.5 3 Other 66.5X (M X)" (17)(a). Subheadings 0404.10.07, 0404.10.09, 0404.10.40, 0404.90.20, 0404.90.45 and 0404.90.65 and the superior text immediately preceding subheading 0404.90.45 are superseded and the following provisions Inserted in numerical sequence: [Whey, whether or not...:] [Uhey and modified whey,...:] modified uhey:] [Other:] "0404.10.08 Described in general note 15 of the tariff schedule and entered pursuant to its provisions... 13X Free (E,IL,J,MX) 20X 3X (CA) 0404.10.1 1 D escri bed i n ad ditional U.S. note 10 to this chapter and entered pursuant to itsprovisions... 13X Free CE. IL. J) 20X 3X ((») 040 4.10.15 Other [ S ee se ction See 9906.04.5 5- $1. 217/kg + D to this 9906.04.59 (MX) 10X" Ann ex]