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PROCLAMi^TION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1141 Annex (con.) - 92- Section A. (continued) (37)(a), (con.): [Chocolate and other:] [Other preparations in blocks,...:] [Other:] other (con.): Other: Dai ry p roducts described in additional U.S. note 1 to chapter 4: Descr ibed in additional U. S. note 10 to chapter 4and entered pursuant to its provisions 10X Free (E,Il, J) 20X 3X (CA) Other: Conta ining less than 2 1 percent by weight o f nitk solids... [See section See 9906.18.61- 43. 8«/kg D to this 9 906.1 8.63 ( NX) 10X Ann ex] Se e 99 06.18.24- 62.It/ kg 9 906. 18.26 (N X) 5X Other, toM fat chocolate cruit) (excl udina articles for consunption at retai I as candy or c onfe ctio n): Des cribed i n additional U. S. note 3 to this chapter and entered pursuant to its provisions 10X Free (E,IL,J) 3X (CA) Containi ng less than 21 percent by weight of • ilk solids... [See section See 9906.18.61- 43.8t/k g D to this 99 06.1 8.63 (N X) 10X An nex] Other [See section See 9906.18.24- 62.It/k g D to this 99 06.1 8.26 (N X) 10X Annex]