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PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1259 Annex (con.) - 210- Section A. (continued) (189)(a). Subheading 3926.90.95 is superseded by: [Other articles of plastics and...:] (Other:] "3926.90.94 Cards, not pmched, suitable for use as, or in aaking, jacquard cards; Jacquard cards and jacquard heads for power-driven weaving machines, and parts thereof; and Transparent sheeting of plastics containing 30 percent or acre by weight of lead Free SOX 3926.90.98 Other 5.3X Free (A,B,C,E, SOX" a,J, MX} 1.5X (CA) (b). Conforming changes: (1) Heading 9902.39.26 is deleted. (11) The article description for subheading 9905.39.10 and 9905.39.27 is modified by deleting "3926.90.95" and inserting "3926.90.98" in lieu thereof. (190)(a). Subheadings 4011.10.00, 4011.20.00 and 4011.99.50 are superseded by: [New pneuaatic tires, of rubber:] •4011.10 Of a Icind used on aotor cars (including station wagons and racing cars): 4011.10.10 Radial 4X Fr«« (A*,E,IL,J, 10X NX) 1.2X (U) 4011.10.50 other [See section Free (A*,E,IL,J, 10X D to this MX) Annex] 1.2X ((»!) 4011.20 Of a Icind used on buses or trucks: 4011.20.10 Radial 4X Free (A*,E,IL,J, 10X MX) 1. 2X (CA) 4011.20.50 Other [See section Free (A*,E,IL,J, 10X" D to this NX) Annex] 1. 2X (CA) [Other:] [Other:] "Other: 4 011.99.40 Radial 4X Free (A,E,IL.J,HX) 10X 1.2X (CA) 4011.99.80 Other [See section Free (A,E,IL,J,MX) 10X" D to this 1.2X (CA) Annex] (b). Conforming change: General note 4(d) is modified by deleting "4011.10.00 Brazil" and "4011.20.00 Brazil" and inserting "4011.10.10 Brazil", "4011.10.50 Brazil", "4011.20.10 Brazil" and "4011.20.50 Brazil" In numerical sequence in lieu thereof.