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109 STAT. 1316 PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 A nnex (con.) -267- Section A. (c ontinu ed) (311). Subheading 8477.10.60 Is superseded by: [Machinery for working rilper or plastics...:] [Injection-aolding •achines:} "8477.iO.40 For Manufacturing video laser discs Free 35X 8477.10.80 Other [See section Free (A,CA,E,IL, 35X* D to this J,NX) Annex] (312)(a). Subheading 8479.89.90 Is superseded by: [Machines and Mechanical appliances having individual fmcticns, not specified or...:] [Other Machines and Mechanical appliances:] [Other:] " Other: 8479.89.8S Machines for processing of saMiconductor Materials; Machines for production and assaaiily of diodes, transistors and siMilar saMiconductor devices and electronic integrated circuits Free 35S 8479.89.95 Other [See section Free (A,B,C,CA,E, 35X* D to this IL.J.MX) Annex] (b). Conforming change: Additional U.S. note 1 to chapter 84 is modified by deleting "8479.89.90" and Inserting "8479.89.95" in lieu thereof. (313)(a). Subheadings 8503.00.55 and 8503.00.85 are superseded and Che following provisions Inserted in numerical sequence: [Parts suitable for usa solely or principally with the Machines of heading 8501 or 8502:] [Stators and rotors for the goods of heading 8501:] •8503.00.45 For generators suitable for use on aircraft Free 35X 8503.00.65 Other 3X Free (A.B.CA.E, 35X" IL.J.N X) [Other:] •8503.00.90 For generators suitable for use on aircraft Fr a* 35X 8503.00.95 Other 3X Free (A,B,CA,E, 35X" IL,J,MX> (b). Conforming change: Heading 9902.85.03 le deleted.