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PROCLAMiVTION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 109 STAT. 1369 / Annex (con.) / - 320- Section A. (continued) (361). (con.): Cotton, not cardod or coo6td, th« product of any country or aroa Ineluding the Unltad / Stataa, hav(n9 a atapla langth undar / 28.575 m (1-1/8 Inchn) (axtapt harsh or

/ rough cotton, having a ttapla tangth undar / 19.05 m (3M Inch)), provided for; In / aiMaading 5201.00.18: ,' If entered during the effective period of safeguards based upon value: 9904.52.01 Valued less than 35</|cg 51.S«/lcg 9904.52.02 Valued 35*/kg or more but less than 55«/lcg 36.6*/lig 9904.52.03 Valued 55t/kg or nore but less than 75(/lcs 24.8«/ltg 9904.5 2.0 4 Valued 75*/kg or more but less than 95«/kg K.Sc/kg 9904.52. 05 Valued 95(/kg or more but less than *1.15/kg 8.6«/k g 9904.5 2.06 Valued *1.15/kg or nore but less than »1.25/kg 5.6«/k g 9904. 52.0 7 Valued »1.2S/kg or more tut less than S1.35/kg 2. 6t/k g 9904.5 2.0 8 Valued *1. 35/kg or Kr c.. No ad ditional dut y 9904. 52.09 If entered during the effective period of safeguards based upon quantity announced by the Secretary of Agriculture... tSce section D to this Annex] Harsh or ro u g h cot ton, not carded or coobed, the product of any cou ntr y o r area including the United States, having a staple length of 29.36875 •• (1-5/32 inches) or aori! but mler 34.925 an (1-3/8 inches) and white in color ' (except cotton o f p eri she d stap le, grab bots and cotton pickings), provided for in st iAeading 5 201. 00. 28: If entered during the effectiw period of safeguard s bas ed upon valu i !: 9904. 52.1 0 Valued less than 10«/kg 49. U/kg 9904.52.11 Valued lOt/kg or more bui: less than 30«/kg 31. S«/k s 9904.52.12 Valued 30*/kg or more but less than 50 */kg 18.6 */kg 9904.52. 13 Valued 50t/kg or more but less than 70c/kg 9. 2c/k g 9904. 52. 14 Valued 70*/kg or more but less than 90(/kg 3. 2c/k g 9904. 52.1 5 Valued 90«/kg or more... No a dditional du ty