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109 STAT. 1058 PROCLAMATION 6763—DEC. 23, 1994 Anne x (con.) -9- Sect lon A. (co ntinue d) (11)( a). (con.): CMcat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled:] [Bon eless:] •V eseribad in 9aneral note IS of the tarif f sched ule and entered pursuant to its provisions: Pr ocesse d: 020 1.3 0.0 2 High-quali ty beef cu ts 4X Free (CA,E*,I L,J, 20 X NX) 020 1.30.04 Other 10X Free (CA, E*,I L,J, 20X MX) 0201. 30.06 Other 4.4 t/kg Free (CA, E*,IL,J, 13.2(/ kg MX) De scribe d in additional U.S. not e 3 to this chapter and entered pursuant to its provisions: Proce ssed: 020 1.30.10 High-quality beef cuts 4X Free (CA,E*,IL,J, 20X NX) 020 1. 30. 30 Other 10X Free <CA,E*,1L,J, 20X NX) 0201.30.5 0 Other 4.4c /kg Free (CA,E *,IL, J, 13.2*/ k9 NX) 0201.30.80 Other [See section Free CNX) 31.IX" D to this Annex] (b). Conforming change: The article description for subheading 9903.23.00 is modified by deleting "0201.30.60 or 0202.30.60" and Inserting "0201.30.06, 0201.30.50, 0202.30.06 or 0202.30.50" in lieu thereof. (12). Subheadings 0202.10.00, 0202.20.20. 0202.20.40, 0202.20.60, 0202.30.20, 0202.30.40 and 0202.30.60 and the superior text immediately preceding subheading 0202.20.20 and immediately preceding 0202.30.20 are superseded and the following provisions inserted in numerical sequence: [Neat of bovine aninals, frozen:] "0202.10 Carcasses and half-carcasses: 0202.10.05 Described in general note 15 of the tariff schedule and entered pursuant to its provisions 4.4</kg Free (CA,E*,IL,J, 13.2«/kg MX) 0202.10.10 Described in additional U.S. note 3 to this chapter and entered pursuant to it s provisions 4.4c/kg Free (CA,E*, IL, J, 13.2t /kg NX) 0202.10. 50 Other [See section Free (NX) 31.IX" 0 to this Ann ex]