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PROCLAMATION 6857—DEC. 11, 1995 109 STAT. 1873 AHMBX I (con.) -6- 9. TCR 1 for chapter 29 la deleted and the following new TCRs ore Inserted In lieu thereof (continued): 9. (A) A di««* to tariff UM 2905.49.20 fro* any other tariff Itaa, axcapt free headlnot 2901 through 2903; or (•) A diaiva to tariff it* 2905.49.20 from hawllnga 2901 through 2903^ Hhathar or net thwv la alao a chansa free any other tariff Itte, provided thora la a raglonal valua contant of not laaa than: (1) 60 par cant Mhaf« the tr«<aactlan valua eathod la utad, or <2) 50 par cant iA«r« the not coat aothod la uaad. 10. A changa to aiAheadl>« 2905.49 from any ethor aiiiheadlna. 11. A changa to aii*aadli« 2905.SO free any'othor aiMaading. 12. A char«a to 8UhhawHi«a 2906.11 through 2907.30 free any other auMaading, Including another auUiaading ulthln that gr<t<>. 13. (A) A chai«a to aiAheadfna* 2908.10 through 2906.90 free any other heading, axcapt free heading 2907; or (•) A changa to autiheadlnga 2908.10 through 2908.90 from any other atMaading within that V»P or heading 2907, Miothar or not thara la atao a changa free any other heading, provided thara la a raglonal valua contant of not laaa than: (1) 60 parcant lAaro the tranaaetion valua eathod la UMd, or (2) 50 parcant uhara the nat coat eathod la uaad. 14. (A) A changa to atiihMdInga 2909.11 through 2909.20 free any other headlnc; or (•) A chviga to auhheadlnga 2909.11 through 2909.20 from any other subheading tiithin heading 2909, Including another aufaheading ulthln that groi^, Nhathar or not there la alao a changa from any other heading, provided thara la a regional valua content of not leaa than: (1) 60 parcant where the tranaaetion value aathod la uaad, or (2) 50 parcant where the net coet aethod la uaad. 15. A changa to atMaading 2909.30 from any other aittaading. 16. <A) A change to auUtaedlma 2909.41 through 2909.60 free any other heading; or (1) A changa to aiMaadliua 2909.41 through 2909.60 from any other aiMeading within heading 2909, including another atMaeding within that group, whether or not there la atao a change from any other heeding, provided there la a raglonal valua content of not leaa than: (1) 60 percent where the tranaaetion valua aathod la uaad, or (2) 50 percent where the net coat aathod la uaad. 17. A change to aiMaadlnga 29110.10 through 2911.00 free wiy other aUbhaeding, Including another aiAheading within that group. 18. A change to aufaheading 2912.11 from any other aubheedlrv.