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165 THIRTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 60. 1g57_ than one defendant, and they reside in diderent districts, the plaintiff may issue in either, and send-a duplicate writ against the defendants, directed to the marshal of the other district, on which writ an endorsement shall be made, that the writ thus sent is a copy of a writ sued out of the court of the proper district; and said writs, when executed and returned into the office from whence they issued, shall constitute one suit and be proceeded in accordingly. Approved, February 21, 1857. Feb. 26, 1857. Curr. LX.-An Act tc authorize Mc Peqvk of the Tgrr·ifovy_q/i Mnnmm la. form a _---? Constitution and State Govemmwt, preparatory to tkear Admunum m the Umm on an gs? ehé equal Focting with the original States. os l p` · Be it enacted by the Senate and Erme of Rqrrcamlalfvcs of the United I¤h¤¤i$=¤*S of States of America in Congress assembled, That the inhabitants of that §:[;§fi;’2§',fS°” portion of the Territory of Minnesota which is embraced within the fol. form a Constitu- lowing limits, to wit: Beginning at the point in the centre of the main z‘;';S’;,:fm;f;°°° channel of the Red River of the North, where the boundary line between ` the United States and the British possessions crosses the same; thence up the main channel of said river to that of the Boi; des Sioux River; thence [up] the main channel of said river to Lake Travers; thence up the centre of said lake to the southern extremity thereof; thence in a directline to the head of Big Stone Lake; thence through its centre to its outlet; thence by a due south line to the north line of the State of Iowa; thence east along the northern boundary of said State to the main channel of the Mississippi River; thence up the main channel of said river, and following the boundary line of the State of Wisconsin, until the same intersects the Saint Louis River; thence down said river to and through Lake Superior, on the boundary line of Wisconsin and Michigan, until it intersects the dividing line between the United States and the British possessions; thence up Pigeon River, and following said dividing line to the place of beginning—be and they are hereby authorized to form for themselves a Constitution and State Government, by the name of the State cf Minnesota, and to come into the Union on an equal footing with the original States, according to the federal constitution. Ju,;sdicm,n Sec. 2. And be it further maxed, That the said State of Minnesota over boi-no-ing shall have cxmcurrent jurisdiction on the Mississippi and all other rivers

" and waters bordering on the said State of Minnesota, so far as the same

common high. shall form a common boundary to said State and any other State or States Ways- now or hereafter to be formed or bounded by the same; and said river and waters, and the navigable waters leading into the same, shall be common highways, and forever free, as well to the inhabitants of said State as to all other citizens of the United States, without any tax, duty, impost, or toll, therefor. Convention of Sec. 3. And beit further enacted, That on the first Monday in June g;}§·‘§”°°’ °° b° next, the legal voters in each representative district, then existing within the limits of the proposed State, are hereby authorized to elect two dele- Voting gates for each representative to which said district may be entitled according to the apportionment for representatives to the territorial legislature, which election for delegates shall be held and conducted, and the returns made, in all respects in conformity with the laws of said Territory regulat- Mmin Ofcom ing the election of Irepresentatives; and the delegates so elected shall ,mm°n_g assemble at the capitol of said Territory on the second Monday in July next, and lirst determine, by a. vote, whether it is the wish of the people of the proposed State to be admitted into the Union at that time; and if so, shall proceed to form a constitution, and take all necessary steps for the establishment ,0f a State government, in conformity with the thclcral constitution, subject to the approval and ratilication of the people of the proposed State.