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'1`HIRTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 107. 1857. 219 For the .Preservalion of the O'0Hcctions of the Exploring Expedition. E}<l>l<>1'i¤g BX- For compensation of keepers, watchmen, and laborers therefor, three p°dm°°S’ thousand four hundred and fifty dollars. For contingent expenses, two hundred dollars. For the construction and erection of suitable cases to receive the collections of the United States exploring expedition, and others, in geology, mineralogy, belonging to the United States, now in the Patent- Oflice and elsewhere in Washington, fifteen thousand dollars. ` For the expense of the transfer of these collections, and the permanent arrangement of the cases, two thousand dollars. For defraying the expenses of the supreme, circuit, and district courts Judiciary, of the United States, including the District of Columbia ; also for jurors and witnesses, in aid of the funds arising from fines, penalties, and forfeitures incurred in the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, and previous years; and likewise for detraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for odences committed against the United States, and for the safekeeping of prisoners, one million dollars. To pay for furniture for the district court room of the eastern district Furniture fvr of Virginia, heretofore purchased by the marshal of that district, two %;_d‘“""° "°“"· hundred and forty-nine dollars. For stationery, blank books, plans, drawings, and other contingent Om f expenses of the office of the Commissioner of Public Buildings, two bun- missioiifofmgz dl-ed and fifty dollars. lic buildings. For compensation, in part, for the messenger in charge of the main furnace in the Capitol, four hundred and twenty dollars. For compensation to the laborer in charge of the water-closets in the Laborers, sm. Capitol, four hundred and thirty-eight dollars. For compensation to the public gardener, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. For compensation of eighteen laborers employed in the public grounds and President’s garden, ten thousand eight hundred dollars. For compensation of the keeper of the western gate, Capitol Square, eight hundred and seventy-six dollars. For compensation of two day watchmen employed in the Capitol Square, one thousand two hundred dollars. For compensation of two night watchmen employed at the Presidents house, one thousand two hundred dollars. For compensation of the door-keeper at the President’s house, six hundred dollars. For compensation of the assistant door-keeper at the President’s house, four hundred and thirty-eight dollars. For compensation of one night watchman employed for the better protection of the buildings lying south of the Capitol, and used as public stables and carpenter’s shops, six hundred dollars. For extending the propagating department of the botanic garden, and Botanic garden. introducing water into the same from the Capitol Square, twenty-six hundred dollars to be expended under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Buildings. For compensation of two draw-keepers at the two bridges across the Draw-keepers. eastern branch of the Potomac, and for fuel, oil, and lamps, one thousand one hundred and eighty dollars. For compensation of the auxiliary guard, and for fuel and oil for Auxiliary lamps, nineteen thousand four hundred dollars. gaard, fuel and For furnace-keeper at the Presidents house, three hundred and sixty- Fummekeeper. five dollars. For procuring manure, tools, fuel, repairs, purchasing trees and shrubs for botanic gardens, twenty-three hundred dollars, to be expended under B°*¤¤i<= g¤·¤‘d¤¤¤· the direction of the Library Committee of Congress.