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THIRTY-FIFTH OONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 10. 1858. 263 States, as the President shall direct. They shall be allowed the same Fw ¤¤d‘*U°W‘ pay, rations, and allowances in kind, including clothing, and be subject to °°°°s' the same rules and regulations as are provided for the regiments of cavalry now in the service, but no Held officer shall receive forage for a greater number of horses than he may from time to time actually have in service. No pay or allowances shall be due until said regiment shall be wh°“ d“°· received into the service, but each officer and man shall then be entitled to one day’s pay and allowance for every twenty miles he may have been required to travel nom his residence to the place of muster. _ Sec. 3. And be it jicrtlwr enacted, That, for the purpose of quelling t,£'$°;;gr*;*°££ disturbances in the Territory of Utah, for the protection of supply and €h,,?,`;d,t,,q,,eu emigrzmt trains, and the suppression of Indian hostilities on the frontiers, disturbances in the President of the United States be and he is hereby authorized to call Péggt for and accept the services of any number of volunteers, not to exceed gw, To bg umm] in all two regiments, of seven hundred and forty privates each; the same, $11j.Y 3* 6m9\H-1*;*3- or any portion thereof, to be organized into mounted regiments OI'. infan— mgitg $@55 u try, as the President may deem proper, to serve for the term of eighteen sooner dischargmonths fiom the time of their being received into service, unless sooner °d· discharged by the President. Said volunteers, if called for and received as mounted men, shall be constituted in the same manner as h provided in the first section of this bill for the Texas regiment of mounted volunteers, and shall receive the same pay and allowances, shall be subject to P¤Y¤·¤d¤“°W· the same rules and regulations as are provided in this bill for said corps ; a°°°S‘ and if called for, and if received as infantry, they shall be placed on the same footing in every respect with the infantry regiments now in the service, shall receive the same pay and allowances, and be governed by the same rules and regulations; and the said regiments, whether organized as mounted men or iniimtry, shall be subject to the rules and articles of war. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the volunteers provided for by N°*1°sS than a this act shall not be accepted in bodies of less than one regiment, whose ?§;°?:3_ W b° 0Hicers shall be appointed in the manner prescribed by law in the several Officers, how States or territories to which said regiments shall respectively belong, °PP°*“°°d‘ except the qua,rtermasters and c0m1nissaries,wl1o shall be detailed from their respective departments of the regular army of the United States. Sec. 5. And be it jiumlker enacted, That the pay of said volunteers Pay, WI¤¤¤ duvshall not be due until received into the service, but each officer and man shall then be entitled to one day’s pay for every twenty miles he may have been required to travel from his residence to the place of muster. Am>R0v1sD, April 7, 1858. CuA1·.XIV.—AnAc¢to acquire certain Lands needed for the Washington Aqueduct, in the April 8, 1868. Dim-iu of Columbia. ‘¥——···· Whereas it is represented that the works of the Washington aqueduct, PF°¤mbl¤- in the District of Columbia, are delayed in consequence of the proprietors refusal, in some cases, to sell lands required for its construction at reasonable prices, and because, in other cases, the title to the said land is imperfect, or is vested in minors, or persons non compos mentis, or in a femme covert, or [in persons] out of the District of Columbia; and whereas it is necessary for the making of the said aqueduct, reservoirs, dams, ponds, feeders, and other works, that a provision should be made for condemning a quantity of land for the purpose : therefore Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Uaugress assembled, That it shall and may be Lew· The United Fu! for the United States, or its approved agent, to agree with the owners sums m"Y Pu" of any land in the District of Columbia, through which said aqueduct is ggggggnggfggzgi intended to pass, for the purchase or use and occupation thereof; and in ductcase of disagreement, or in case the owner thereof shall be zi femme lf there is a