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348 THIRTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 162, 1858. From Lecompton, by Davis and Midway, to Paoli. From Kansas, (Missouri,) via Wyandotte, (Kansas Territory,) Quindaro, and Lawrence, to Lecompton. From Kansas, Missouri, via Wy*andotte, Quindaro, and Delaware city, to Leavenworth city. From Kansas, Missouri, via Oskallassa, Kansas Territory, to Ozawkie. From Fort Leavenworth to Tauromee. From Fort Leavenworth, via Leavenworth city, to Lawrence. From Leavenworth city, via Middletown, to Lecompton. From Leavenworth city, via Nerato, Easton, Shie[l]ds, Ozawkie, Mt. Florence, Indianola, Silver Lake, St. Mary’s Mission, Rock creek, Manhattan, Ogden, and Fort Riley, and Kansas Falls, to Buchanan. From Leavenworth city, via Stanley’s, Mooney, Grasshopper Falls, Rock Point, and Vermillion city, to Dyer’s. From Leavenworth city, via Fort Leavenworth, Kickapoo city, Fort William, Sumner, Mount Pleasant, Atchison, Doniphan, Rock creek, Walnut Grove, and High Land, to Iowa Point. From Independence, (Missouri,) via Kansas, the settlement at the mouth of Huesfona, on the Upper Arkansas, and Little Salt Lake Settlement, at the head of Nicolet River, to Stockton, California. From St. Joseph, (Missouri,) via Whiteheads, (Kansas Territory,) Rogersville, and Troy, to W'alnut Grove. From St. Joseph, Missouri, via Elwood, (Kansas Territory,) Waltherxina, Palermo, Geary City, Doniphan, and Ozawkie, to Lecompton. From St. Joseph, Missouri, via Iowa Point, (Kansas Territory,) Mt. Roy, Hamlin, Central City, Highland, and Urbana, to Marysville. From Iowa Point to Mount Roy. From Iowa Point to Swain’s Store. From White Cloud to Padonia. From Marysville to Nottingham. From Atchison, via Kennekuk, Burnside, Powhattan, and Capsiomi, to Marysville. From Rubo, (Nebraska,) to Topeka. From Rogersville, via Nemaha agency, to White Cloud. From Oregon, (Missouri,) via Iowa Point, (Kansas Territory,) to Nemaha agency. · From Kickapoo city, via Crooked creek, to Grasshopper Falls. From Ozawkie, via Pleasant Hill, and Indianola, to Topeka. From Doniphan, via Green Top, to Pleasant Grove. From West Point to Brooklyn. From West Point to Paris. From Walthina to Claytonville. From Lawrence, via Shields, to Sumner. From Topeka, via Grasshopper Falls, to Sumner. From St. Joseph, (Missouri,) to Kennekuk. From Pleasant Hill, (Missouri,) via Plum Grove, Spring Hill, Gardiner, and Franklin, to Lawrence. From Spring Hill, via Shannon, Hyatt, and Stanton, to Neosho city. From Quindaro, via Shawnee, Olathe, Paola, Ossawattomie, Shannon, and Hyatt, to Burlington. From Lawrence, via Palmyra, Ohio city, Deer creek, to Humboldt. From Wliite Cloud, via Pandonia, Hamburgh, Central City, Richmond, and Seneca, to Marysville. From lVhite Cloud to Iowa Point. From Topeka, via Brownsville, Wilmington, Waushara, Allen, and Orleans, to Plymouth. From Leavenworth city, via Atchison, Sumner, Donaphan, Palermo, Elwood, White Cloud, Rulo, (Nebraska Territory,) Nemaha, and Brownsville, to Nebraska city.