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28 THIRTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch., 72. 1856. Others- For salary of the commissioner to the Sandwich Islands, six thousand dollars. For salary of an interpreter to the mission to China, at the rate of tive thousand dollars per annum five thousand dollars. h Ftpr Saliapy of a dragomari to the mission to Turkey, two thousand five un re dollars. For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad seventy-tive thousand dollars. , For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, sixty thousand dollars. d Tor expenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powers, six thousand o ars. Seamen. For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries, W k on;` hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. '°° °· or expenses which may be incurred in acknowledvinv the services of the masters and crews of foreign vessels in rescuing bitgens and vessels of the United States from shipwreck, three thousand dollars, to be expend- _ ed under the direction of the Presidentof the United States. M*¤¤¤U¤¤¢<>¤=· For the purchase of blank books, stationary, arms of the United States, ppessesgind flags, and for the payment of postages for the eonsuls of the _ _ nited tates fifteen thou sand dollars. uugamigxif For compexisation of the commissioner provided in the first article of ty mary, the reciprocity treaty with Great Britain, two thousand dollars. S§l§%¤2g¢;g?- For salaries of consuls and commercial agents of the United States at mama, ,g,,m_,,_ London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Dundee, Newcastle, Leeds, Belfast, Hong- Kong, Calcutta, Halifax, Melbourne, Nassau, Kingston, (Jamaica,) Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Aix La Chapelle, Paris, Havre, Marseilles, Bordpaux, Lyoé1s,JLlp Rmgelle, Nantes, Cadiz, Malaga, St. Jago de Cuba, atanzas, t. o ns, . R.) Trinidad de Cuba Ponce, P. R. H Lisbon, Fpnchal, Antwerp, St. Petersburg, St. Thomas, Igllsinedi, Til;;;; · ienna, eipsic, Munich, Bremen Hamburg, Frankfort-on-the-Maine including the Grand Duchy of Hesde Darmstadt, the electorate of Hessd gikszel, ith: Igucllgy of 1; assau, End theGLandgravate of Hesse Homburg, u ga ar- rue, as e, urich eneva Genoa Le hor N l Palermo, Messina, Constantinople, Smyrna, Beirut, Zlerugalemlj Al:;;?; dma, Tangiers, Tripoli, Tunis, Canton, Shanghai, Amoy, Fouchow, Ningpo, IéLontplulu,(;E’pr§ au Pignce, City of St. Domingo, Vera Cruz, Acapulco, . uau e orte, t. Juan del Sur, Panama, Aspinwall Lavua ra Bio de Janeiro, Pernambuco Buenos Ayres Callao Val · , '* 5S ytlz axnptoip ]B;1§tofl,Li{{4eit.h,(;l)ublii1, Cork, Galway, Bomliay, §iil§p(d’re,0Gilira tar s o alta, ape Town Port Lou' St.J h ’ N. B. P' Demdrara, Sidney, Falklanddslahds, Hobailbwn, Qhchiiidda, Tdrkjsxlgi land, Barbadoes, Island of Trinidad, St. Helena, St. Christopher, Antigua, Ceylon, DCdessa,)_ Galagza, Martinique, Miquelon, Barcelona, Manilla, cao ozam ique, ayal, St. J o C V d H ' oidsnéulg, sm o, s..t..b.?§,’v5.£Z.., §}S;.i.T`“X$E2;?°EZ§§2Z’ Cyprus, Zante, Monrovia, Zanzibar, Bay Islands, Cape Haytien, Aux Cayes, Mexico, Paso del Norte, Tampieo, Matamoras, Tabasco, Mazatlan, Tehuantepec, Minatitlan, Omoa and Truxillo, San Jose Carthavena, Sabamllo, Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto Cabello, Maracaibo, Guyaquil, Mdran-

bIslanId;hRio Grande, Bahia, Para, Montevideo, Talcahuano, Paita,

P dez, S amo Hilo, Apia, Tahiti, Lanthala, Batavia, Pararnaribo, warg ang, lt. Martin, and Curacoa, two hundred and seventy-one thou· Comms- M u` seven iundred and fifty dollars. gene · d01h;; the salary of the consul-general at Simoda, in Japan, five thousand For the salary of the consul- l t th B' ‘ Emma 0 Pmvmcesafour thousand douaemgenera o e rxtish North American comb, dgggjl For estimated loss by exchange on drafts of consuls and commercial agents for l f · {my cemssa ary, oity-two thousand one hundred and twelve dollars and