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TREATY WITH THE KINGDOM OF SIAM. MAY 29, 1856. 687 particulars to the custom-house, permission to break bulk will at once be given by the latter. For neglecting so to report his arrival, or for presenting a false mani- Penalty for fest, the master will subject himself, in each instance, to a penalty of four ”°gl"*‘ hundred ticals; but he will be allowed to correct, within twenty-four hours after delivery of it to the consul, any mistake he may discover in his manifest, without incurring the above-mentioned penalty. REGULATION IV. An American vessel breaking bulk and commencing Penaity for to discharge before due permission shall be obtained, or smuggling, either =*m¤ss¤¤s· &°· when in the river or outside the bar, shall be subject to the penalty of eight hundred ticals, and confiscation of the goods so smuggled or discharged. REGULATION V. As soon as an American vessel shall have discharged Gl¤{¤*¤·¤¤¤ °f her cargo, and completed her outward lading, paid all her duties, and de- V°Ss° s` livered a true manifest of her outward cargo to the American consul, a Siamese port clearance shall be granted her, on application from the consul, who, in the absence of any legal impediment to her departure, will then return to the master his sbip’s papers, and allow the vessel to leave. A custom-house officer will accompany the vessel to Paknam, and on arriving there she will be inspected by the custom-house officers of that station, and will receive from them the guns and ammunition previously delivered into their charge. Rncunuron VI. The American plenipotentiary having no knowledge TM Epslish of the Siamese language, the Siamese government have agreed that the ;i§:ig§St,§S§BY°g` English text of these regulations, together with the treaty of which they taken to be the form a portion, and the tariff hereunto annexed, shall be accepted as c0n- mw °“°· veying, in every respect, their true meaning and intention. _ _ _ Rseunsrrou VII. All American citizens intending to reside in Siam A**}*’€*°’g?n°‘*;(; shall be registered at the American consulate; they shall not go out to to sea nor proceed beyond the limits assigned by the treaty for the residence be registered, &c. of American citizens without a passport from the Siamese authorities, to Pgglgligfg be applied for by the American consul ; nor shall they leave Siam if the ’ Siamese authorities show to the American consul that legitimate objections exist to their quitting the country. But within the limits appointed under Article IV., of the treaty, American citizens are at liberty to travel to and fro, under the protection of a pass to be furnished them by the American consul, and counter·sealed by the proper Siamese officer, stab ing in the Siamese character their names, calling, and description. The Siamese officers at the government stations in the interior may at any time call for the production of this pass; and immediately on its being exhibited they must allow the parties to proceed; but it will be their duty to detain those persons who, by travelling without a pass from the consul, render themselves liable to the suspicion of their being deserters, and such detention shall be immediately reported to the consul. L. s.] TOWNSEND HARRIS. in s.] [1.. s.] [1.. s.] [L. s.] [L. s.]* Tanfqf and Inland Dwties to be levied on Articles of Trade. Tarid of duties. SECTION I. The undermentioned articles shall be entirely free from Mfpgstpzbgpg inland or other taxes on production or transit, and shall pay export duty °xP° u y y' as follows: Tical. Salung. Fuang. Hun. 1. Ivory . . ... 10 O 0 0 per pecul. Export duty. 2. Gamboge .. 6 0 O 0 do 3. Rhinoceros’ horns . 50 0 0 0 do. Wt Signatures of Siamese Plenipotentiaries.