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APPENDIX. PROCLAMATIONS. NOS. 17, 18. 765 offering to thfeir heavenly Benefactor, of their homage of thanksgiving, and of their songs 0 praise. Given at the city of \Vashington on the fourth day of March, in the year [L. s.] of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, and of the independence of the United States the thirtyminth. JAMES MADISON. N0. 17. Respecting an apprehended Invasion of the Spanish Dominions. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Sept. 1, 1815. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS information has been received that sundry persons, citizens of the preamble_ United States, or residents within the same, and especially within the State of Louisiana, are conspiring together to begin and set on foot, provide and prepare the Teanls_fp1r pl mgitarylegrpedition gr enterprise against the dominions of `pain wit w ie the nite `tates are appily at peacc· that for this pur ose they are collecting arms, military stores, provisions, vessels, and other meiins; are deceiving and seducing honest and well—meaning citizens to engage in their unlawful enterprises; are organizing, officering, and arming themselves for the s;me,lpo1grary'to the gws in such pases made and provided : I have therefore Citizens ent oug t t to issue t is my proc amation warning and cnjoining all faithful j<>i¤€d iq desist citizens, who have been led, without due kirowledgeb or consideratidn, to partici- f*"°’?‘ ““}“‘“%.'“ page in the said unlawful enterprises, to withdraw from the same without delay; isclgzizgglo an commanding all persons who are engaged or concerned in the same to cease d · ·( B_ all iiirther procdedings therein, as theyhvill answer the contrary at th,eir peril. Ommmn And I hereby enjoin and require all officers, civil and military, of the United States, or of any of the States or Territories, all judges, justices, and other officers of the peace, all militaryofiicers of the army or navy of the United States, and officers of the militia, to be vigilant, each within his respective department and according to his functions m searching out and bringing to punishment; all persons eggaged or conceriied in such lbnterprises; in cseizing and demining, subject to the disposition of the law, all arms, military stores, vessels or other means provided or providing for the same' and in general in preveritmglthe carrying on such expeditioir or enterprise by all the lawful means within their power. And I require all good and faithful citizens, and others within the United States, to be aiding and assisting herein, and especially in the discovery, apprehension, and bringing to justice, of all such offenders; in preventing the execution of their unlawful combinations or designs; and in giving information against them to the proper authorities. In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States of America to be affixed to these presents and signed the same with [L. s.] my hand. Done at the city of Vtlashinigton, the first day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, and of the independence of the said United States of America the fortieth. JAMES MADISON. No. 18. Ordering Persons to remove from the Public Lands. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. D<¤<>· E1815- A PROCLAMATION. W1ricr<nAs it has been represented that many uninformed or e\ril—disposed Preamble. persons have taken possession of] or made a settlement on, the public lands of the_United States, which have not been previously sold, ceded, or leased by the United States, or the claim to which lands, by such persons, ha;. not been pre-