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PUBLIC LAW 104-106—FEB. 10, 1996 110 STAT. 305 of the total amount of the insurance under such poHcy or poHcies with such other insurance companies (which meet quaHfying criteria prescribed by the Secretary) as may elect to participate in such reinsurance. "(e) TERMINATION.— The Secretary may at any time terminate any policy purchased under this section. "§ 12532. Termination for nonpayment of premiums; forfeiture "(a) TERMINATION FOR NONPAYMENT. — The coverage of a member under the insurance program shall terminate without prior notice upon a failure of the member to make required monthly payments of premiums for two consecutive months. The Secretary may provide in the regulations for reinstatement of insurance coverage terminated under this subsection. "(b) FORFEITURE. —Any person convicted of mutiny, treason, spying, or desertion, or who refuses to perform service in the armed forces or refuses to wear the uniform of any of the armed forces shall forfeit all rights to insurance under this chapter.". (2) The tables of chapters at the beginning of subtitle E, and at the beginning of part II of subtitle E, of title 10, United States Code, are amended by inserting after the item relating to chapter 1213 the following new item: "1214. Ready Reserve Mobilization Income Insurance 12521". (b) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The insurance program provided for in Federal Register, chapter 1214 of title 10, United States Code, as added by subsection ^^^}i^^^^^^, (a), and the requirement for deductions and contributions for that program shall take effect on September 30, 1996, or on any earlier date declared by the Secretary and published in the Federal Register. SEC. 513. MILITARY TECHNICIAN FULL-TIME SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR ARMY AND AIR FORCE RESERVE COMPONENTS. (a) REQUIREMENT OF ANNUAL AUTHORIZATION OF END STRENGTH. —(1) Section 115 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new subsection: "(g) Congress shall authorize for each fiscal year the end strength for military technicians for each reserve component of the Army and Air Force. Funds available to the Department of Defense for any fiscal year may not be used for the pay of a military technician during that fiscal year unless the technician fills a position that is within the number of such positions authorized by law for that fiscal year for the reserve component of that technician. This subsection applies without regard to section 129 of this title.". (2) The amendment made by paragraph (1) does not apply 10 USC 115 note, with respect to fiscal year 1995. (b) AUTHORIZATION FOR FISCAL YEARS 1996 AND 1997. —For iouscii5note. each of fiscal years 1996 and 1997, the minimum number of military technicians, as of the last day of that fiscal year, for the Army and the Air Force (notwithstanding section 129 of title 10, United States Code) shall be the following: (1) Army National Guard, 25,500. (2) Army Reserve, 6,630. (3) Air National Guard, 22,906. (4) Air Force Reserve, 9,802. 10 USC 12521 note.