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PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 1321-20 "(B) DISTRIBUTION OF MINIMUM AMOUNTS.— The Attorney General shall distribute minimum amounts allocated for section 20103(a) to an eligible State not later than 30 days after receiving an application that demonstrates that such State qualifies for a Violent Offender Incarceration grant under section 20103 or a Truth-in-Sentencing Incentive grant under section 20104. "(b) LIMITATIONS ON FUNDS.— "(1) USES OF FUNDS. — Except as provided in section 20110 and 20111, funds made available pursuant to this section shall be used only to carry out the purposes described in section 20102(a). "(2) NONSUPPLANTING REQUIREMENT. — Funds made available pursuant to this section shall not be used to supplant State funds, but shall be used to increase the amount of funds that would, in the absence of Federal funds, be made available from State sources. "(3) ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS. — Not more than 3 percent of the funds that remain available after carrying out sections 20109, 20110, and 20111 shall be available to the Attorney General for purposes of— "(A) administration; "(B) research and evaluation, including assessment of the effect on public safety and other effects of the expansion of correctional capacity and sentencing reforms implemented pursuant to this subtitle; "(C) technical assistance relating to the use of grant funds, and development and implementation of sentencing reforms implemented pursuant to this subtitle; and "(D) data collection and improvement of information systems relating to the confinement of violent offenders and other sentencing and correctional matters. "(4) CARRYOVER OF APPROPRIATIONS.—Funds appropriated pursuant to this section during any fiscal year shall remain available until expended. "(5) MATCHING FUNDS. —The Federal share of a grant received under this subtitle may not exceed 90 percent of the costs of a proposal as described in an application approved under this subtitle. "SEC. 20109. PAYMENTS FOR INCARCERATION ON TRIBAL LANDS. 42 USC 13709. "(a) RESERVATION OF FUNDS.—Notwithstanding any other provision of this subtitle other than section 20108(a)(2), from amounts appropriated to carry out sections 20103 and 20104, the Attorney General shall reserve, to carry out this section— "(1) 0.3 percent in each of fiscal years 1996 and 1997; and "(2) 0.2 percent in each of fiscal years 1998, 1999, and 2000. "(b) GRANTS TO INDIAN TRIBES. — From the amounts reserved under subsection (a), the Attorney General may make grants to Indian tribes for the purposes of constructing jails on tribal lands for the incarceration of offenders subject to tribal jurisdiction. "(c) APPLICATIONS.— To be eligible to receive a grant under this section, an Indian tribe shall submit to the Attorney General an application in such form and containing such information as the Attorney General may by regulation require.