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110 STAT. 1321-85 PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 forth in this Act under the Capital Outlay appropriation title shall apply to projects approved under this appropriation title. LOTTERY AND CHARITABLE GAMES ENTERPRISE FUND For the Lottery and Charitable Games Enterprise Fund, established by the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1982, approved December 4, 1981 (95 Stat. 1174, 1175; Public Law 97-91), as amended, for the purpose of implementing the Law to Legalize Lotteries, Daily Numbers Games, and Bingo and Raffles for Charitable Purposes in the District of Columbia, effective March 10, 1981 (D.C. Law 3-172; D.C. Code, secs. 2-2501 et seq. and 22-1516 et seq.), $229,950,000 and 88 full-time equivalent positions (end-of-year) (including $7,950,000 and 88 full-time equivalent positions for administrative expenses and $222,000,000 for non-administrative expenses from revenue generated by the Lottery Board), to be derived from non-Federal District of Columbia revenues: Provided, That the District of Columbia shall identify the source of funding for this appropriation title from the District's own locally-generated revenues: Provided further. That no revenues from Federal sources shall be used to support the operations or activities of the Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board. CABLE TELEVISION ENTERPRISE FUND For the Cable Television Enterprise Fund, established by the Cable Television Communications Act of 1981, effective October 22, 1983 (D.C. Law 5-36; D.C. Code, sec. 43-1801 et seq.), $2,351,000 and 8 full-time equivalent positions (end-of-year) (including $2,019,000 and 8 full-time equivalent positions from local funds and $332,000 from other funds), of which $572,000 shall be transferred to the general fund of the District of Columbia. STARPLEX FUND For the Starplex Fund, $6,580,000 from other funds for the expenses incurred by the Armory Board in the exercise of its powers granted by An Act To Establish A District of Columbia Armory Board, and for other purposes, approved June 4, 1948 (62 Stat. 339; D.C. Code, sec. 2 -301 et seq.) and the District of Columbia Stadium Act of 1957, approved September 7, 1957 (71 Stat. 619; Public Law 85-300; D.C. Code, sec. 2 -321 et seq.): Provided, That the Mayor shall submit a budget for the Armory Board for the forthcoming fiscal year as required by section 442(b) of the District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act, approved December 24, 1973 (87 Stat. 824; Public Law 93- 198; D.C. Code, sec. 47-301(b)). D.C. GENERAL HOSPITAL For the District of Columbia General Hospital, established by Reorganization Order No. 57 of the Board of Commissioners, effective August 15, 1953, $115,034,000, of which $56,735,000 shall be derived by transfer as intra-District funds from the general fund, $52,684,000 is to be derived from the other funds, and $5,615,000 is to be derived from intra-District funds.