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110 STAT. 1321-103 PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 and Management Assistance Act of 1995 is amended by striking "may provide" and inserting "shall promptly provide". (b) AVAILABILITY OF CERTAIN FEDERAL BENEFITS FOR INDIVID- UALS WHO BECOME EMPLOYED BY THE AUTHORITY.— (1) FORMER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. —Subsection (e) of section 102 of such Act is amended to read as follows: " (e) PRESERVATION OF RETIREMENT AND CERTAIN OTHER RIGHTS OF FEDERAL EMPLOYEES WHO BECOME EMPLOYED BY THE AUTHOR- ITY. — "(1) IN GENERAL. — Any Federal employee who becomes employed by the Authority— "(A) may elect, for the purposes set forth in paragraph (2)(A), to be treated, for so long as that individual remains continuously employed by the Authority, as if such individual had not separated from service with the Federal Government, subject to paragraph (3); and "(B) shall, if such employee subsequently becomes reemployed by the Federal Government, be entitled to have such individual's service with the Authority treated, for purposes of determining the appropriate leave accrual rate, as if it had been service with the Federal Government. "(2) EFFECT OF AN ELECTION.— An election made by an individual under the provisions of paragraph (1)(A)— "(A) shall qualify such individual for the treatment described in such provisions for purposes of— "(i) chapter 83 or 84 of title 5, United States Code, as appropriate (relating to retirement), including the Thrift Savings Plan; "(ii) chapter 87 of such title (relating to life insurance); and "(iii) chapter 89 of such title (relating to health insurance); and "(B) shall disqualify such individual, while such election remains in effect, from participating in the programs offered by the government of the District of Columbia (if any) corresponding to the respective programs referred to in subparagraph (A). "(3) CONDITIONS FOR AN ELECTION TO BE EFFECTIVE.— An election made by an individual under paragraph (1)(A) shall be ineffective unless— "(A) it is made before such individual separates from service with the Federal Government; and "(B) such individual's service with the Authority commences within 3 days after so separating (not counting any holiday observed by the government of the District of Columbia). "(4) CONTRIBUTIONS.— I f an individual makes an election under paragraph (1)(A), the Authority shall, in accordance with applicable provisions of law referred to in paragraph (2)(A), be responsible for making the same deductions from pay and the same agency contributions as would be required if it were a Federal agency. "(5) REGULATIONS. — Any regulations necessary to carry out this subsection shall be prescribed in consultation with the Authority by— "(A) the Office of Personnel Management, to the extent that any program administered by the office is involved;