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PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 1321-116 independent school into a public charter school, shall file with an eligible chartering authority for approval a petition to establish a public charter school that meets the requirements of section 2202. SEC. 2202. CONTENTS OF PETITION. A petition under section 2201 to establish a public charter school shall include the following: (1) A statement defining the mission and goals of the proposed school and the manner in which the school will conduct any districtwide assessments. (2) A statement of the need for the proposed school in the geographic area of the school site. (3) A description of the proposed instructional goals and methods for the proposed school, which shall include, at a minimum— (A) the area of focus of the proposed school, such as mathematics, science, or the arts, if the school will have such a focus; (B) the methods that will be used, including classroom technology, to provide students with the knowledge, proficiency, and skills needed— (i) to become nationally and internationaly competitive students and educated individuals in the 21st century; and (ii) to perform competitively on any districtwide assessments; and (C) the methods that will be used to improve student self-motivation, classroom instruction, and learning for all students. (4) A description of the scope and size of the proposed school's program that will enable students to successfully achieve the goals established by the school, including the grade levels to be served by the school and the projected and maximum enrollment of each grade level. (5) A description of the plan for evaluating student academic achievement at the proposed school and the procedures for remedial action that will be used by the school when the academic achievement of a student falls below the expectations of the school. (6) An operating budget for the first 2 years of the proposed school that is based on anticipated enrollment and contains— (A) a description of the method for conducting annual audits of the financial, administrative, and programmatic operations of the school; (B) either— (i) an identification of the site where the school will be located, including a description of any buildings on the site and any buildings proposed to be constructed on the site; or (ii) a timetable by which such an identification will be made; (C) a description of any major contracts planned, with a value equal to or exceeding $10,000, for equipment and services, leases, improvements, purchases of real property, or insurance; and