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110 STAT. 1321-119 PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 approved petition and any conditions or requirements agreed to under subsection (d)(2), to the eligible applicant and to the Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia. The eligible chartering authority shall publish a notice of the approval of the petition in the District of Columbia Register and newspapers of general circulation. (2) CHARTER.— The provisions described in paragraphs (1), (7), (8), (11), (16), (17), and (18) of section 2202 of a petition to establish a public charter school that are approved by an eligible chartering authority, together with any amendments to such provisions in the petition containing conditions or requirements agreed to by the eligible applicant under subsection (d)(2), shall be considered a charter granted to the school by the eligible chartering authority, (i) NUMBER OF PETITIONS.— (1) FIRST YEAR. —For academic year 1996-1997, not more than 10 petitions to establish public charter schools may be approved under this subtitle. (2) SUBSEQUENT YEARS.— For academic year 1997-1998 and each academic year thereafter each eligible chartering authority shall not approve more than 5 petitions to establish a public charter school under this subtitle. (j) EXCLUSIVE AUTHORITY OF THE ELIGIBLE CHARTERING AUTHORITY. —No governmental entity, elected official, or employee of the District of Columbia shall make, participate in making, or intervene in the making of, the decision to approve or deny a petition to establish a public charter school, except for officers or employees of the eligible chartering authority with which the petition is filed. SEC. 2204. DUTIES, POWERS, AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS, OF PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLS. (a) DUTIES.— ^A public charter school shall comply with all of the terms and provisions of its charter. (b) POWERS.—^A public charter school shall have the following powers: (1) To adopt a name and corporate seal, but only if the name selected includes the words "public charter school". (2) To acquire real property for use as the public charter school's facilities, from public or private sources. (3) To receive and disburse funds for public charter school purposes. (4) Subject to subsection (c)(1), to secure appropriate insurance and to make contracts and leases, including agreements to procure or purchase services, equipment, and supplies. (5) To incur debt in reasonable anticipation of the receipt of funds from the general fund of the District of Columbia or the receipt of Federal or private funds. (6) To solicit and accept any grants or gifts for public charter school purposes, if the public charter school— (A) does not accept any grants or gifts subject to any condition contrary to law or contrary to its charter; and (B) maintains for financial reporting purposes separate accounts for grants or gifts. (7) To be responsible for the public charter school's operation, including preparation of a budget and personnel matters.