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110 STAT. 1216 PUBLIC LAW 104-132—APR. 24, 1996 TITLE VI—IMPLEMENTATION OF PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES CONVENTION Sec. 601. Findings and purposes. Sec. 602. Definitions. Sec. 603. Requirement of detection agents for plastic explosives. Sec. 604. Criminal sanctions. Sec. 605. Exceptions. Sec. 606. Seizure and forfeiture of plastic explosives. Sec. 607. Effective date. TITLE VII—CRIMINAL LAW MODIFICATIONS TO COUNTER TERRORISM Subtitle A—Crimes and Penalties Sec. 701. Increased penalty for conspiracies involving explosives. Sec. 702. Acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries. Sec. 703. Expansion of provision relating to destruction or iryury of property within special maritime and territorial jurisdiction. Sec. 704. Conspiracy to harm people and property overseas. Sec. 705. Increased penalties for certain terrorism crimes. Sec. 706. Mandatory penalty for transferring an explosive material knowing that it will be used to commit a crime of violence. Sec. 707. Possession of stolen explosives prohibited. Sec. 708. Enhanced penalties for use of explosives or arson crimes. Sec. 709. Determination of constitutionality of restricting the dissemination of bomb-making instructional materials. Subtitle B—Criminal Procedures Sec. 721. Clarification and extension of criminal jurisdiction over certain terrorism offenses overseas. Sec. 722. Clarification of maritime violence jurisdiction. Sec. 723. Increased and alternate conspiracy penalties for terrorism offenses. Sec. 724. Clarification of Federal jurisdiction over bomb threats. Sec. 725. Expansion and modification of weapons of mass destruction statute. Sec. 726. Addition of terrorism offenses to the money laundering statute. Sec. 727. Protection of Federal employees; protection of current or former officials, officers, or employees of the United States. Sec. 728. Death penalty aggravating factor. Sec. 729. Detention hearing. Sec. 730. Directions to Sentencing Commission. Sec. 731. Exclusion of certain types of information from definitions. Sec. 732. Marking, rendering inert, and licensing of explosive materials. TITLE VIII—ASSISTANCE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT Subtitle A—Resources and Security Sec. 801. Overseas law enforcement training activities. Sec. 802. Sense of Congress. Sec. 803. Protection of Federal Government buildings in the District of Columbia. Sec. 804. Requirement to preserve record evidence. Sec. 805. Deterrent against terrorist activity damaging a Federal interest computer. Sec. 806. Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement. Sec. 807. Combatting international counterfeiting of United States currency. Sec. 808. Compilation of statistics relating to intimidation of Government employ- ees. Sec. 809. Assessing and reducing the threat to law enforcement officers from the criminal use of firearms and ammunition. Sec. 810. Study and report on electronic surveillance. Subtitle B—Funding Authorizations for Law Enforcement Sec. 811. Federal Biu-eau of Investigation. Sec. 812. United States Customs Service. Sec. 813. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Sec. 814. Drug Enforcement Administration. Sec. 815. Department of Justice. Sec. 816. Department of the Treasury. Sec. 817. United States Park Police. Sec. 818. The Judiciary. Sec. 819. Local firefighter and emergency services training. Sec. 820. Assistance to foreign countries to procure explosive detection devices and other counterterrorism technology. Sec. 821. Research and development to support counterterrorism technologies.