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110 STAT. 1321-329 PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 GENERAL PROVISIONS 109 Stat. 652. Contracts. Certification. Reports. (TRANSFER OF FUNDS) SEC. 2701. Section 8005 of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1996 (Public Law 104-61), is amended by striking out "$2,400,000,000" and inserting in lieu thereof "$3,100,000,000": Provided, That the additional transfer authority provided herein shall be available only to the extent funds are transferred, or have been transferred, during the current fiscal year to cover the costs associated with United States military operations in support of the NATO-led Peace Implementation Force (IFOR) in and around the former Yugoslavia. SEC. 2702. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, funds appropriated in the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1996 (Public Law 104—61) under the heading "Aircraft Procurement, Air Force" may be obligated for advance procurement and procurement of F-15E aircraft. SEC. 2703. (a) Funds appropriated under the heading, "Aircraft Procurement, Air Force", in Public Laws 104-61, 103-335 and 103-139 that are or remain available for C-17 airframes, C-17 aircraft engines, and complementary widebody aircraft/NDAA may be used for multiyear procurement contracts for C-17 aircraft: Provided, That the duration of multiyear contracts awarded under the authority of this subsection may be for a period not to exceed seven program years, notwithstanding section 2306b(k) of title 10, United States Code: Provided further, That the funds referred to in this subsection also may be used for advance procurement for up to ten C-17 aircraft in fiscal year 1997: Provided further. That the advance procurement funds referred to in this subsection may be used to fund Economic Order Quantities for up to eighty aircraft. (b) Immediately upon enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Defense shall enter into negotiations with the C-17 aircraft and engine prime contractors for a baseline fixed price contract for multiyear procurement of eighty C-17 aircraft over a period of seven program years, and alternatives for multiyear procurement of eighty C-17 aircraft over a period of six program years. (c) The authority to award a multiyear contract as provided in subsection (a) shall not be effective until the Secretary of Defense certifies to the Congressional defense committees that the Air Force will realize a savings of more than 5 percent in the total flyaway price for the eighty C-17 aircraft under a C-17 multiyear contract as compared to annual lot procurement of the aircraft at the maximum affordable rate profile approved in the November 3, 1995, Acquisition Decision Memorandum: Provided, That these savings shall exceed the estimates presented in the "Multiyear Procurement Criteria Program: C-17" documents submitted pursuant to the request for a fiscal year 1996 supplemental appropriation transmitted to the Congress. (d) The authority under subsection (a) may not be used to execute a multiyear procurement contract until the earlier of (1) May 24, 1996, or (2) the day after the date of the enactment of an Act that contains a provision authorizing the Department of Defense to enter into a multiyear contract for the C-17 aircraft program. (e) Not later than May 24, 1996, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the Congressional defense committees a report providing a detailed program plan for the six-year multiyear