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PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 1321-346 in a matched sale pursuant to the Suspension Agreement, and in such case shall not be counted against the annual maximum deliveries set forth in paragraph (5). (7) Uranium hexafluoride delivered to the Russian Executive Agent under paragraph (3) or auctioned pursuant to paragraph (4) may be sold at any time for use in the United States for the purpose of overfeeding in the operations of enrichment facilities. (8) Nothing in this subsection (b) shall restrict the sale of the conversion component of such uranium hexafluoride. (9) The Secretary of Commerce shall have responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the limitations set forth in this subsection. The Secretary of Commerce may require any person to provide any certifications, information, or take any action that may be necessary to enforce these limitations. The United States Customs Service shall maintain and provide any information required by the Secretary of Commerce and shall take any action requested by the Secretary of Commerce which is necessary for the administration and enforcement of the uranium delivery limitations set forth in this section. (10) The President shall monitor the actions of the United President. States Executive Agent under the Russian HEU Agreement and Reports, shall report to the Congress not later than December 31 of each year on the effect the low-enriched uranium delivered under the Russian HEU Agreement is having on the domestic uranium mining, conversion, and enrichment industries, and the operation of the gaseous diffusion plants. Such report shall include a description of actions taken or proposed to be taken by the President to prevent or mitigate any material adverse impact on such industries or any loss of employment at the gaseous diffusion plants as a result of the Russian HEU Agreement. (c) TRANSFERS TO THE CORPORATION. — (1) The Secretary shall transfer to the Corporation without charge up to 50 metric tons of enriched uranium and up to 7,000 metric tons of natural uranium from the Department of Energy's stockpile, subject to the restrictions in subsection (c)(2). (2) The Corporation shall not deliver for commercial end use in the United States— (A) any of the uranium transferred under this subsection before January 1, 1998; (B) more than 10 percent of the uranium (by uranium hexafluoride equivalent content) transferred under this subsection or more than 4,000,000 pounds, whichever is less, in any calendar year after 1997; or (C) more than 800,000 separative work units contained in low-enriched uranium transferred under this subsection in any calendar year. (d) INVENTORY SALES.—(1) In addition to the transfers authorized under subsections (c) and (e), the Secretary may, from time to time, sell natural and low-enriched uranium (including lowenriched uranium derived from highly enriched uranium) from the Department of Energy's stockpile. (2) Except as provided in subsections (b), (c), and (e), no sale or transfer of natural or low-enriched uranium shall be made unless— (A) the President determines that the material is not nee- President. essary for national security needs.