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110 STAT. 1550 PUBLIC LAW 104-172—AUG. 5, 1996 ment of Libya or a nongovernmental entity in Libya, on or after the date of the enactment of this Act: (A) The entry into a contract that includes responsibility for the development of petroleum resources located in Iran or Libya (as the case may be), or the entry into a contract providing for the general supervision and guarantee of another person's performance of such a contract. (B) The purchase of a share of ownership, including an equity interest, in that development. (C) The entry into a contract providing for the participation in royalties, earnings, or profits in that development, without regard to the form of the participation. The term "investment" does not include the entry into, performance, or financing of a contract to sell or purchase goods, services, or technology. (10) IRAN. —The term "Iran" includes any agency or instrumentality of Iran. (11) IRANIAN DIPLOMATS AND REPRESENTATIVES OF OTHER GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY OR QUASI-GOVERNMENTAL INSTITU- TIONS OF IRAN.— The term "Iranian diplomats and representatives of other government and military or quasi-governmental institutions of Iran" includes employees, representatives, or affiliates of Iran's— (A) Foreign Ministry; (B) Ministry of Intelligence and Security; (C) Revolutionary Guard Corps; (D) Crusade for Reconstruction; (E) Qods (Jerusalem) Forces; (F) Interior Ministry; (G) Foundation for the Oppressed and Disabled; (H) Prophet's Foundation; (I) June 5th Foundation; (J) Martyr's Foundation; (K) Islamic Propagation Organization; and (L) Ministry of Islamic Guidance. (12) LIBYA,—The term "Libya" includes any agency or instrumentality of Libya. (13) NUCLEAR EXPLOSIVE DEVICE.— The term "nuclear explosive device" means any device, whether assembled or disassembled, that is designed to produce an instantaneous release of an amount of nuclear energy from special nuclear material (as defined in section ll(aa) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954) that is greater than the amount of energy that would be released from the detonation of one pound of trinitrotoluene (TNT). (14) PERSON. —The term "person" means— (A) a natural person; (B) a corporation, business association, partnership, society, trust, any other nongovernmental entity, organization, or group, and any governmental entity operating as a business enterprise; and (C) any successor to any entity described in subparagraph (B). (15) PETROLEUM RESOURCES. —The term "petroleum resources" includes petroleum and natural gas resources.