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SUBJECT INDEX Bll Page Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 3009-546 Nonimmigrant nurses, authorized period of stay, extension 3656 Use of Assisted Housing by Aliens Act of 1996 3009-684 Indians See Native Americans Insurance Asset Conservation, Lender Liability, and Deposit Insurance Protection Act of 1996 3009-462 Deposit Insurance Funds Act of 1996 3009^79 Railroad Unemployment Insurance Amendments Act of 1996 3161 Veterans' Insurance Reform Act of 1996 3337 Intergovernmental Relations Telecommunications Act of 1996 56 Investments See Securities Iowa Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Infrastructure Development Fund Act of 1996 3026 Neal Smith Bike Trail, designation 2986 Prairie Wildlife Learning Center, designation 2986 Iran Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996 1541 Israel Bank for Economic Cooperation and Development in the Middle East and North Africa Act 3009-179 Middle East Peace Facilitation Act of 1995 755 U.S.- Israel free trade benefits, additional authority 3058 Jackson, Andrew 4275 K Kansas Irrigation Project Contract Extension Act of 1996 4000 Nicodemus National Historic Site, establishment 4163 Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Act of 1996 4204 Kennecott Corporation 881 Kennecott Greens Creek Mining Company, Inc 879 Kentucky Hydroelectric project deadline, extension 3150, 3172 King, Martin Luther, Jr. Page 4499 Lakes See Water Law Enforcement and Crime Amber Hagerman Child Protection Act of 1996 3009-31 Anti-Car Theft Improvements Act of 1996 1384 Anticounterfeiting Consumer Protection Act of 1996 1386 Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 1214 Carjacking Correction Act of 1996 3020 Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Amendments of 1996 3063 Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 3009-26 Church Arson Prevention Act of 1996 1392 Comprehensive Methamphetamine Control Act of 1996 3099 Domestic violence gun ban 3009-371 Economic Espionage Act of 1996 3488 False Statements Accountability Act of 1996 3459 Federal Law Enforcement Dependents Assistance Act of 1996 3114 Nazi war crimes, disclosure 3815 Pam Lychner Sexual Offender Tracking and Identification Act of 1996 3093 Parole Commission Phaseout Act of 1996 3055 Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1995 1321-66 Sexual Assaults Drug-Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment Act of 1996 3807 Megan's Law 1345 Supreme Court marshal and police authority, extension 3359 War Crimes Act of 1996 2104 Witnesses and juries, retaliation and tampering, increased penalties 3017 Libraries Museum and Library Services Act of 1996 3009-293 Libya Iran and Libya Sanctions Act 1541 Line Item Veto See President and Vice President Loans Agricultural Market Transition Act 896 Asset Conservation, Lender Liability, and Deposit Insurance Protection Act of 1996 3009-462