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110 STAT. 2106 PUBLIC LAW 104-193—AUG. 22, 1996 Sec. 213. Additional accountability requirements. Sec. 214. Reduction in cash benetits payable to institutionalized individuals whose medical costs are covered by private insurance. Sec. 215. Regulations. Subtitle C—Additional Enforcement Provision Sec. 221. Installment payment of large past-due supplemental security income benefits. Sec. 222. Regulations. Subtitle D—Studies Regarding Supplemental Security Income Program Sec. 231. Annual report on the supplemental security income program. Sec. 232. Study by General Accounting Office. TITLE III—CHILD SUPPORT Sec. 300. Reference to Social Security Act. Subtitle A—Eligibility for Services; Distribution of Pa3anents Sec. 301. State obligation to provide child support enforcement services. Sec. 302. Distribution of child support collections. Sec. 303. Privacy safeguards. Sec. 304. Rights to notification of hearings. Subtitle B—Locate and Case Tracking Sec. 311. State case registry. Sec. 312. Collection and disbursement of support pa3mients. Sec. 313. State directory of new hires. Sec. 314. Amendments concerning income withholding. Sec. 315. Locator information from interstate networks. Sec. 316. Expansion of the Federal Parent Locator Service. Sec. 317. Collection and use of Social Security numbers for use in child support enforcement. Subtitle C—Streamlining and Uniformity of Procedures Sec. 321. Adoption of uniform State laws. Sec. 322. Improvements to full faith and credit for child support orders. Sec. 323. Administrative enforcement in interstate cases. Sec. 324. Use of forms in interstate enforcement. Sec. 325. State laws providing expedited procedures. Subtitle D—Paternity Establishment Sec. 331. State laws concerning paternity establishment. Sec. 332. Outreach for voluntary paternity establishment. Sec. 333. Cooperation by applicants for and recipients of part A assistance. Subtitle E—Program Administration and Funding Sec. 341. Performance-based incentives and penalties. Sec. 342. Federal and State reviews and audits. Sec. 343. Required reporting procedures. Sec. 344. Automated data processing requirements. Sec. 345. Technical assistance. Sec. 346. Reports and data collection by the Secretary. Subtitle F—Establishment and Modification of Support Orders Sec. 351. Simplified process for review and adjustment of child support orders. Sec. 352. Furnishing consumer reports for certain purposes relating to child support. Sec. 353. Nonliability for financial institutions providing financial records to State child support enforcement agencies in child support cases. Subtitle G—Enforcement of Support Orders Sec. 361. Internal Revenue Service collection of arrearages. Sec. 362. Authority to collect support from Federal employees. Sec. 363. Enforcement of child support obligations of members of the Armed Forces. Sec. 364. Voiding of fraudulent transfers. Sec. 365. Work requirement for persons owing past-due child support. Sec. 366. Definition of support order. Sec. 367. Reporting arrearages to credit bureaus. Sec. 368. Liens.