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110 STAT. 2428 PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 Sec. 702. Implementation of requirement for Selected Reserve dental insurance plan. Sec. 703. Dental insurance plan for military retirees and unremarried surviving spouses and certain other dependents of military retirees. Sec. 704. Plan for health care coverage for children with medical conditions caused by parental exposure to chemical munitions while serving as members of the Armed Forces. Subtitle B—TRICARE Program Sec. 711. CHAMPUS payment limits for TRICARE prime enrollees. Sec. 712. Improved information exchange between military treatment facilities and TRICARE program contractors. Sec. 713. Plans for medicare subvention demonstration programs. Subtitle C—Uniformed Services Treatment Facilities Sec. 721. Definitions. Sec. 722. Inclusion of designated providers in uniformed services health care delivery system. Sec. 723. Provision oi uniform benefit by designated providers. Sec. 724. Enrollment of covered beneficiaries. Sec. 725. Application of CHAMPUS payment rules. Sec. 726. Payments for services. Sec. 727. Repeal of superseded authorities. Subtitle D—Other Changes to Existing Laws Regarding Health Care Management Sec. 731. Authority to waive CHAMPUS exclusion regarding nonmedically necessary treatment in connection with certain clinical trials. Sec. 732. Exception to maximum allowable payments to individual health-care providers under CHAMPUS. Sec. 733. Codification of annual authority to credit CHAMPUS refunds to current year appropriation. Sec. 734. Exceptions to requirements regarding obtaining nonavailability-of-healthcare statements. Sec. 735. Enhancement of third-party collection and secondary payer authorities under CHAMPUS. Subtitle E—Other Matters Sec. 741. Alternatives to active duty service obligation under Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship and Financial Assistance program and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Sec. 742. External peer review for defense health program extramural medical research involving human subjects. Sec. 743. Independent research regarding Gulf War syndrome. Sec. 744. Comptroller General review of health care activities of Department of Defense relating to Gulf War illnesses. Sec. 745. Report regarding specialized treatment facility program. Sec. 746. Study of means of ensuring uniformity in provision of medical and dental care for members of Reserve components. Sec. 747. Sense of Congress regarding tax treatment of Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship and Financial Assistance program. TITLE Vin—ACQUISITION POLICY, ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT, AND RELATED MATTERS Subtitle A—Acquisition Management Sec. 801. Procurement technical assistance programs. Sec. 802. Extension of pilot mentor-protege program. Sec. 803. Authority to waive certain requirements for defense acquisition pilot programs. Sec. 804. Modification of authority to carry out certain prototype projects. Sec. 805. Increase in threshold amounts for major systems. Sec. 806. Revisions in information required to be included in selected acquisition reports. Sec. 807. Increase in simplified acquisition threshold for humanitarian or peacekeeping operations. Sec. 808. Expansion of audit reciprocity among Federal agencies to include postaward audits. Sec. 809. Excessive compensation of certain contractor personnel. Sec. 810. Exception to prohibition on procurement of foreign goods.