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PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 110 STAT. 2431 Sec. 1080. Designation of memorial as National D-Day Memorial. Sec. 1081. Sense of Congress regarding semiconductor trade agreement between United States and Japan. Sec. 1082. Agreements for exchange of defense personnel between the United States and foreign countries. Sec. 1083. Sense of Senate regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sec. 1084. Defense burdensharing. TITLE XI—NATIONAL IMAGERY AND MAPPING AGENCY Sec. 1101. Short title. Sec. 1102. Findings. Sec. 1103. Role of Director of Central Intelligence in appointment and evaluation of certain intelligence officials. Subtitle A—Establishment of Agency Sec. 1111. Establishment. Sec. 1112. Missions and authority. Sec. 1113. Transfers of personnel and assets. Sec. 1114. Compatibility with authority under the National Security Act of 1947. Sec. 1115. Creditable civilian service for career conditional employees of the Defense Mapping Agency. Sec. 1116. Saving provisions. Sec. 1117. Definitions. Sec. 1118. Authorization of appropriations. Subtitle B—Conforming Amendments and Effective Dates Sec. 1121. Redesignation and repeals. Sec. 1122. Reference amendments. Sec. 1123. Headings and clerical amendments. Sec. 1124. Effective date. TITLE XII—RESERVE FORCES REVITALIZATION Sec. 1201. Short title. Sec. 1202. Purpose. Subtitle A—Reserve Component Structure Sec. 1211. Reserve component commands. Sec. 1212. Reserve component chiefs. Sec. 1213. Review of active duty and Reserve general and flag officer authorizations. Sec. 1214. Guard and Reserve technicians. Subtitle B—Reserve Component Accessibility Sec. 1231. Report to Congress on measures to improve National Guard and Reserve ability to respond to emergencies. Sec. 1232. Report to Congress concerning tax incentives for employers of members of Reserve components. Sec. 1233. Report to Congress concerning income insurance program for activated Reservists. Sec. 1234. Report to Congress concerning small business loans for members released from Reserve service during contingency operations. Subtitle C—Reserve Forces Sustainment Sec. 1251. Report concerning tax deductibility of nonreimbursable expenses. Sec. 1252. Authority to pay transient housing charges for members performing active duty for training. Sec. 1253. Sense of Congress concerning quarters allowance during service on active duty for training. Sec. 1254. Sense of Congress concerning military leave policy. Sec. 1255. Reserve Forces Policy Board. Sec. 1256. Report on parity of benefits for active duty service and Reserve service. Sec. 1257. Information on proposed funding for the Guard and Reserve components in fiiture-years defense programs. TITLE Xni—ARMS CONTROL AND RELATED MATTERS Subtitle A—Arms Control, Counterproliferation Activities, and Related Matters Sec. 1301. Extension of counterproliferation authorities. Sec. 1302. Limitation on retirement or dismantlement of strategic nuclear delivery systems.