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110 STAT. 3009-281 PUBLIC LAW 104-208—SEPT. 30, 1996 in subsection (c)(6). On the dissolution date, the Association shall take the following actions: "(1) ESTABLISHMENT OF A TRUST. — The Association shall, under the terms of an irrevocable trust agreement that is in form and substance satisfactory to the Secretary of the Treasury, the Association and the appointed trustee, irrevocably transfer all remaining obligations of the Association to the trust and irrevocably deposit or cause to be deposited into such trust, to be held as trust funds solely for the benefit of holders of the remaining obligations, money or direct noncallable obligations of the United States or any agency thereof for which payment the full faith and credit of the United States is pledged, maturing as to principal and interest in such amounts and at such times as are determined by the Secretary of the Treasury to be sufficient, without consideration of any significant reinvestment of such interest, to pay the principal of, and interest on, the remaining obligations in accordance with their terms. To the extent the Association cannot provide money or qualifying obligations in the amount required, the Holding Company shall be required to transfer money or qualifying obligations to the trust in the amount necessary to prevent any deficiency. " (2) USE OF TRUST ASSETS.— All money, obligations, or financial assets deposited into the trust pursuant to this subsection shall be applied by the trustee to the payment of the remaining obligations assumed by the trust. " (3) OBLIGATIONS NOT TRANSFERRED TO THE TRUST.—The Association shall make proper provision for all other obligations of the Association not transferred to the trust, including the repurchase or redemption, or the making of proper provision for the repurchase or redemption, of any preferred stock of the Association outstanding. Any obligations of the Association which cannot be fully satisfied shall become liabilities of the Holding Company as of the date of dissolution. "(4) TRANSFER OF REMAINING ASSETS.— After compliance with paragraphs (1) and (3), any remaining assets of the trust shall be transferred to the Holding Company or any subsidiary of the Holding Company, as directed by the Holding Company. "(e) OPERATION OF THE HOLDING COMPANY.—In the event the shareholders of the Association approve the plan of reorganization under subsection (b), the following provisions shall apply beginning on the reorganization effective date: "(1) HOLDING COMPANY BOARD OF DIRECTORS. — The number of members and composition of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company shall be determined as set forth in the Holding Companys charter or like instrument (as amended from time to time) or bylaws (as amended from time to time) and as permitted under the laws of the jurisdiction of the Holding Company's incorporation. "(2) HOLDING COMPANY NAME.— The names of the Holding Company and any subsidiary of the Holding Company (other than the Association)— "(A) may not contain the name 'Student Loan Marketing Association'; and "(B) may contain, to the extent permitted by applicable State or District of Columbia law, 'Sallie Mae' or variations thereof, or such other names as the Board of Directors