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110 STAT. 2902 PUBLIC LAW 104-204—SEPT. 26, 1996 ance, or other credit enhancement alternatives, including retaining the existing FHA mortgage insurance on a restructured first mortgage at market value or using the multifamily risk-sharing mortgage programs, as provided under section 542 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992. Any limitations on the number of units available for mortgage insurance under section 542 shall not apply to insurance issued for purposes of the demonstration program, (ii) MAXIMUM PERCENTAGE. — During fiscal year 1997, not more than 25 percent of the units in multifamily housing projects with expiring contracts in the demonstration, in the aggregate, may be restructured without FHA insurance, unless otherwise agreed to by the owner of a project. (iii) CREDIT SUBSIDY.— Any credit subsidy costs of providing mortgage insurance shall be paid from amounts made available under subsection (1). (G) MORTGAGE RESTRUCTURING.— (i) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary or designee may restructure mortgages to provide a restructured first mortgage to cover debt service and operating expenses (including a reasonable rate of return to the owner) at the market rent, and a second mortgage equal to the difference between the restructured first mortgage and the mortgage balance of the eligible multifamily housing project at the time of restructuring. (ii) CREDIT SUBSIDY.— Any credit subsidy costs of providing a second mortgage shall be paid from amounts made available under subsection (1). (H) DEBT FORGIVENESS.— The Secretary or designee, for good cause and at the request of the owner of a multifamily housing project, may forgive at the time of the restructuring of a mortgage any portion of a debt on the project that exceeds the market value of the project. (I) BUDGET-BASED RENTS.— The Secretary or designee may renew an expiring contract, including a contract for a project in which operating costs exceed comparable market rents, for a period of not more than one year, at a budget-based rent that covers debt service, reasonable operating expenses (including all reasonable and appropriate services), and a reasonable rate of return to the owner, as determined solely by the Secretary, provided that the contract does not exceed the rent levels under the expiring contract. The Secretary may establish a pref- erence under the demonstration program for budget-based rents for unique housing projects, such as projects designated for occupancy by elderly families and projects in rural areas. (J) SECTION 8 TENANT-BASED ASSISTANCE.—For not more than 10 percent of units in multifamily housing projects that have had their mortgages restructured in any fiscal year under the demonstration, the Secretary or designee may provide, with the agreement of an owner and in consultation with the tenants of the housing, section 8 tenant-based assistance for some or all of the assisted units in a multifamily housing project in lieu of section