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110 STAT. 3009 -515 PUBLIC LAW 104-208—SEPT. 30, 1996 but at rates for individuals not to exceed the per diem rate equivalent to the rate for a GS-18; uniforms, or allowances therefor, as authorized by law (5 U.S.C. 5901-5902), $1,000,000: Provided, That the entire amount is designated by Congress as an emergency requirement pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(D)(i) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985, as amended. GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 5501. In fiscal year 1997, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may establish at individual airports such consortia of government and aviation industry representatives as the Administrator may designate to provide advice on matters related to aviation security and safety: Provided, That such consortia shall not be considered Federal advisory committees. SEC. 5502. In cases where an emergency ocean condition causes erosion of a bank protecting a scenic highway or byway, fiscal year 1996 or fiscal year 1997 Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief funds can be used to halt the erosion and stabilize the bank if such action is necessary to protect the highway from imminent failure and is less expensive than highway relocation. SEC. 5503. Of the funds deducted under 23 U.S.C. subsection 104(a) for fiscal year 1997, $30,000,000 shall be available for allocation to States authorized by section 1069(y) of Public Law 102- 240. SEC. 5504. CONVEYANCE OF PROPERTY IN TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN, (a) AUTHORITY TO CONVEY. — The Secretary of Transportation (or any other official having control over the property described in subsection (b)) shall expeditiously convey to the Traverse City Area Public School District in Traverse City, Michigan, without consideration, all right, title, and interest of the United States in and to the property identified, described, and determined by the Secretary under subsection (b), subject to all easements and other interests in the property held by any other person. (b) IDENTIFICATION OF PROPERTY. — The Secretary shall identify, describe, and determine the property to be conveyed pursuant to this section. (c) REVERSIONARY INTEREST. —In addition to any term or condition established pursuant to subsection (a) or (d), any conveyance of property described in subsection (b) shall be subject to the condition that all right, title, and interest in and to the property so conveyed shall immediately revert to the United States if the property, or any part thereof, ceases to be used by the Traverse City Area Public School District. (d) TERMS OF CONVEYANCE.— The conveyance of property under this section shall be subject to such conditions as the Secretary considers to be necessary to assure that— (1) the pump room located on the property shall continue to be operated and maintained by the United States for as long as it is needed for this purpose; (2) the United States shall have an easement of access to the property for the purpose of operating and maintaining the pump room; and (3) the United States shall have the right, at any time, to enter the property without notice for the purpose of operating and maintaining the pump room.