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110 STAT. 3632 PUBLIC LAW 104-299—OCT. 11, 1996 "(C) WAIVER.— The Secretary may waive the loan origination fee for a health center applicant who demonstrates to the Secretary that the applicant will be unable to meet the conditions of the loan if the applicant incurs the additional cost of the fee. " (4) DEFAULTS.— "(A) IN GENERAL.— Subject to the requirements of the Credit Reform Act of 1990 (2 U.S.C. 661 et seq.), the Secretary may take such action as may be necessary to prevent a default on a loan guaranteed under this subsection, including the waiver of regulatory conditions, deferral of loan payments, renegotiation of loans, and the expenditure of ftinds for technical and consultative assistance, for the temporary pa3anent of the interest and principal on such a loan, and for other purposes. Any such expenditure made under the preceding sentence on behalf of a health center or centers shall be made under such terms and conditions as the Secretary shall prescribe, including the implementation of such organizational, operational, and financial reforms as the Secretary determines are appropriate and the disclosure of such financial or other information as the Secretary may require to determine the extent of the implementation of such reforms. "(B) FORECLOSURE.— The Secretary may take such action, consistent with State law respecting foreclosure procedures and, with respect to reserves required for furnishing services on a prepaid basis, subject to the consent of the affected States, as the Secretary determines appropriate to protect the interest of the United States in the event of a default on a loan guaranteed under this subsection, except that the Secretary may only foreclose on assets offered as security (if any) in accordance with paragraph (2)(A)(i). "(5) LIMITATION.—Not more than one loan guarantee may be made under this subsection for the same network or plan, except that upon a showing of good cause the Secretary may make additional loan guarantees. "(6) ANNUAL REPORT.— Not later than April 1, 1998, and each April 1 thereafter, the Secretary shall prepare and submit to the appropriate committees of Congress a report concerning loam^ guarantees provided under this subsection. Such report shall include— "(A) a description of the number, amount, and use of funds received under each loan guarantee provided under this subsection; "(B) a description of any defaults with respect to such loans and an analysis of the reasons for such defaults, if any; and "(C) a description of the steps that may have been taken by the Secretary to assist an entity in avoiding such a default. Reports. "(7) PROGRAM EVALUATION. —Not later than June 30, 1999, the Secretary shall prepare and submit to the appropriate committees of Congress a report containing an evaluation of the program authorized under this subsection. Such evaluation shall include a recommendation with respect to whether or not the loan guarantee program under this subsection should