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110 STAT. 4142 PUBLIC LAW 104-333—NOV. 12, 1996 16 USC 668dd note. (v) The surface estate of approximately 280 acres known as the Beaver Creek Selected Tract. This tract shall be conveyed to KNA in exchange for lands conveyed to the United States as described in paragraph (2)(A)(ii). (C) PAYMENT.— The United States shall make a total cash payment to KNA for the above-described lands of $4,443,000, contingent upon the appropriate approvals of the Federal or State of Alaska EVOS Trustees (or both) necessary for any expenditure of the EVOS settlement funds. (D) NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES. —Upon completion of the acquisition authorized in paragraph (1), the Secretary shall, at no cost to KNA, in coordination with KNA, promptly undertake to nominate the Stephanka Tract to the National Register of Historic Places, in recognition of the archaeological artifacts from the original Dena'ina Settlement. If the Department of the Interior establishes a historical, cultural, or archaeological interpretive site, KNA shall have the exclusive right to operate a Dena'ina interpretive site on the Stephanka Tract under the regulations and policies of the department. If KNA declines to operate such a site, the department may do so under its existing authorities. Prior to the department undertaking any archaeological activities whatsoever on the Stephanka Tract, KNA shall be consulted. (3) GENERAL PROVISIONS. — (A) REMOVAL OF KNA LANDS FROM THE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE SYSTEM.— (i) Effective on the date of closing for the Acquisition Lands identified in paragraph (2)(B), all lands retained by or conveyed to KNA pursuant to this section, and the subsuiface interests of CIRI underlying such lands shall be automatically removed from the National Wildlife Refuge System and shall neither be considered as part of the Refuge nor subject to any laws pertaining solely to lands within the boundaries of the Refuge. The conveyance restrictions imposed by section 22(g) of ANCSA (i) shall then be ineffective and cease to apply to such interests of KNA and CIRI, and (ii) shall not be applicable to the interests received by KNA in accordance with paragraph (2)(B) or to the CIRI interests underlying them. The Secretary shall adjust the boundaries of the Refuge so as to exclude all interests in lands retained or received in exchange by KNA in accordance with this section, including both surface and subsurface, and shall also exclude all interests currently held by CIRI. On lands within the Swanson River Road East Tract, the boundary adjustment shall only include the surface estate where the subsurface estate is retained by the United States. (ii)(I) The Secretary, KNA, and CIRI shall execute an agreement within 45 days of the date of enactment of this section which preserves CIRFs rights under paragraph 1(B)(1) of the Terms and Conditi(m^, addresses CIRI's obligations under suph paragraph,