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110 STAT. 4198 PUBLIC LAW 104-333—NOV. 12, 1996 of the Advisory Board who are to be appointed have been appointed. Any vacancy in the Board shall not giffect its powers, but shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointment was made. The Board may adopt such rules as may be necessary to establish its procedures and to govern the manner of its operations, organization, and personnel. All members of the Board shall be reimbursed for travel and per diem in lieu of subsistence expenses during the performance of duties of the Board while away from home or their regular place of business, in accordance with subchapter 1 of chapter 57 of title 5, United States Code. With the exception of travel and per diem as noted above, a member of the Board who is otherwise an officer or employee of the United States Government shall serve on the Board without additional compensation.". (B) By redesignating subsections (b) and (c) as (f) and (g) and by striking from the first sentence of subsection (!;, as so redesignated "1995" and inserting in lieu thereof " 2006". (C) By adding the following new subsections after subsection (a): "(b)(1) The Secretary is authorized to hire 2 full-time staffers to meet the needs of the Advisory Board. "(2) Service of an individual as a member of the Board shall not be considered as service or employment bringing such individual within the provisions of any Federal law relating to conflicts of interest or otherwise imposing restrictions, requirements, or penalties in relation to the employment of persons, the performance of services, or the payment or receipt of compensation in connection with claims, proceedings, or matters involving the United States. Service as a member of the Board, or as an employee of the Board, shall not be considered service in an appointive or elective position in the Government for purposes of section 8344 of title 5, United States Code, or comparable provisions of Federal law. "(c)(1) Upon request of the Director, the Board is authorized to— "(A) hold such hearings and sit and act at such times, "(B) take such testimony, "(C) have such printing and binding done, "(D) enter into such contracts and other arrangements. "(E) make such expenditures, and "(F) take such other actions, as the Board may deem advisable. Any member of the Board may administer oaths or affirmations to witnesses appearing before the Board. "(2) The Board may establish committees or subcommittees. Any such subcommittees or committees shall be chaired by a voting member of the Board. "(d) The provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act shall apply to the Board established under this section with the exception of section 14(b). "(e)(1) The Board is authorized to secure directly from any office, department, agency, establishment, or instrumentality of the Federal Government such information as the Board may require for the purpose of this section, and each such officer, department, agency, establishment, or instrumentality is authorized and directed to furnish, to the extent permitted by law, such information, sugges-