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110 STAT. 4216 PUBLIC LAW 104-333—NOV. 12, 1996 as generally depicted on the map described in subsection (a)(3). (2) CONDITIONS. — The designations in paragraph (1) shall not take effect unless the Secretary makes a determination, not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of this title, that the following conditions have been met: (A) the following have been donated to the United States in an acceptable condition and without encumbrances: (i) all right, title, and interest in the following patented parcels of land— (I) Santiam Number 1, mineral survey number 992, as described in patent number 39-92-0002, dated December 11, 1991; (II) Ruth Quartz Mine Number 2, mineral survey number 994, as described in patent number 39-91-0012, dated February 12, 1991; (III) Morning Star Lode, mineral survey number 993, as described in patent number 36- 91-0011, dated February 12, 1991; (ii) all right, title, and interest held by any entity other than the Times Mirror Land and Timber Company, its successors and assigns, in and to lands located in section 18, township 8 south, range 5 east, Marion County, Oregon, Eureka numbers 6, 7, 8, and 13 mining claims; and (iii) an easement across the Hewitt, Starvation, and Poor Boy Mill Sites, mineral survey number 990, as described in patent number 36-91-0017, dated May 9, 1991. In the sole discretion of the Secretary, such easement may be limited to administrative use if an alternative access route, adequate and appropriate for public use, is provided. (B) a binding agreement has been executed by the Secretary and the owners of record as of March 29, 1996, of the following interests, specifying the terms and conditions for the disposition of such interests to the United States Government— (i) The lode mining claims known as Princess Lode, Black Prince Lode, and King Number 4 Lode, embracing portions of sections 29 and 32, township 8 south, range 5 east, Willamette Meridian, Marion County, Oregon, the claims being more particularly described in the field notes and depicted on the plat of mineral survey number 887, Oregon; and (ii) Ruth Quartz Mine Number 1, minergil survey number 994, as described in patent number 39-91- 0012, dated February 12, 1991. (3) ADDITIONS TO THE WILDERNESS AND SCENIC RECREATION AREAS. — (A) Lands or interests in lands conveyed to the United States under this subsection shall be included in and become part of, as appropriate. Opal Creek Wilderness or the Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area. (B) On acquiring all or substantially all of the land located in section 36, township 8 south, range 4 east, of the Willamette Meridian, Marion County, Oregon,