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110 STAT. 4392 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—APR. 16, 1996 (i) None of the work performed in the area involves the handhng or use of explosives; (ii) The area is separated from the explosives area by a distance not less than that prescribed in the American Table of Distances for the protection of inhabited buildings; (iii) The area is separated from the explosives area by a fence or is otherwise located so that it constitutes a definite designated area; and (iv) Satisfactory controls have been established to prevent employees under 18 years of age within the area from entering any area in or about the plant which does not meet criteria of paragraphs (b)(3)(i) through (iii) of this section. §0570.52 Occupations of motor-vehicle driver and outside helper (Order 2) (a) FINDINGS AND DECLARATION OF FACT. —Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, the occupations of motor-vehicle driver and outside helper on any public road, highway, in or about any mine (including open pit mine or quarry), place where logging or sawmill operations are in progress, or in any excavation of the type identified in §C570.68(a) are particularly hazardous for the employment of minors between 16 and 18 years of age. (b) EXEMPTION. —The findings and declaration in paragraph (a) of this section shall not apply to the operation of automobiles or trucks not exceeding 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight if such driving is restricted to daylight hours: Provided, That such operation is only occasional and incidental to the minor's employment; that the minor holds a State license valid for the type of driving involved in the job performed and has completed a State approved driver education course: Provided further, That the vehicle is equipped with a seat belt or similar restraining device for the driver and for each helper, and the employer has instructed each minor that such belts or other devices must be used. This paragraph shall not be applicable to any occupation of motor-vehicle driver which involves the towing of vehicles. (c) DEFINITIONS.—For the purpose of this section: (1) The term "motor vehicle" shall mean any automobile, truck, truck-tractor, trailer, semitrailer, motorcycle, or similar vehicle propelled or drawn by mechanical power and designed for use as a means of transportation but shall not include any vehicle operated exclusively on rails. (2) The term "driver" shall mean any individual who, in the course of employment, drives a motor vehicle at any time. (3) The term "outside helper" shall mean any individual, other than a driver, whose work includes riding on a motor vehicle outside the cab for the purpose of assisting in transporting or delivering goods. (4) The term "gross vehicle weight" includes the truck chassis with lubricants, water and a full tank or tanks of fuel, plus the weight of the cab or driver's compartment, body and special chassis and body equipment, and payload. §C570.55 Occupations involved in the operation of powerdriven woodworking machines (Order 5) (a) FINDING AND DECLARATION OF FACT.— The following occupations involved in the operation of power-driven wood-working