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110 STAT. 4432 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—APR. 25, 1996 Apr. 25, 1996 WASHINGTON FOR JESUS 1996 PRAYER [H. Con. Res. 166] RALLY—CAPITOL GROUNDS AUTHORIZATION Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the Washington for Jesus 1996 prayer rally. Whereas One Nation Under God, Inc. has sponsored two previous prayer ralUes entitled Washington for Jesus in the city of Washington and plans a third such event over a two-day period on April 29 and 30, 1996; Whereas public assembly for giving thanks and praying for the United States is a tradition in this Nation dating from before the Nation's founding and commemorated each year by a national Thanksgiving holiday; and Whereas the Washington for Jesus prayer rally provides for the peaceable assembly and public expression of peoples of all faiths to pray and give thanks for the United States: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), SECTION. 1. USE OF CAPITOL GROUNDS FOR WASHINGTON FOR JESUS 1996 PRAYER RALLY. (a) IN GENERAL. —One Nation Under Grod, Inc. (in this resolution referred to as the "sponsor") shall be permitted to sponsor a public event (in this resolution referred to as the "event") over a two-day period on April 29 and 30, 1996 (plus one day before and one day after the event to fully accommodate for setup, takedown, and cleanup). (b) TERMS AND CONDITIONS.— The event shall be free of any admission charge to the public and arranged so as not to interfere with the needs of Congress, subject to conditions to be prescribed by the Architect of the Capitol and the Capitol Police Board. The sponsor shall assume full responsibility for all expenses and liabilities incident to all activities associated with the event. (c) STRUCTURES AND EQUIPMENT. —For the purposes of this resolution, the sponsor is authorized to erect upon the Capitol Grounds such stage, sound amplification devices, and related structures and equipment as may be required to conduct the event, subject to approval of the Architect of the Capitol. (d) ADDITIONAL ARRANGEMENTS.—The Architect of the Capitol and the Capitol Police Board are authorized to make any such additional arrangements as may be necessary to carry out the event consistent with good order, public health, safety, and protection of the Capitol and the Capitol Grounds. SEC. 2. SPONSORSHIP OR ENDORSEMENT. Nothing contained in this resolution shall be construed as an endorsement of the sponsor or the event (or any related activities or expressions, religious or otherwise). The sponsor shall not represent either directly or indirectly that this resolution or any activity carried out under this resolution in any way constitutes approval or endorsement by the United States Government, or any of its agencies, of any activity or expression, religious or otherwise, of the sponsor or the event. Agreed to April 25, 1996.