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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS-JUNE 13, 1996 110 STAT. 4463 (7) The President's Budget for Fiscal Year 1997 proposes to review options for improving the quality of loan portfolio management including contracting to the private sector, (b) SENSE OF CONGRESS.—I t is the sense of Congress that the appropriate committees of the House and the Senate should report legislation authorizing the sale of such loan assets as they deem appropriate in order to contribute to Government downsizing, administrative cost savings, and improved services to borrowers. SEC. 403. SENSE OF CONGRESS ON CHANGES IN MEDICAID. It is the sense of Congress that any legislation changing the medicaid program pursuant to this resolution should— (1) guarantee coverage for low-income children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled as described in the National Governors' Association February 6, 1996, policy on reforming medicaid, which was endorsed unanimously by our Nation's Governors; (2) maintain the medicaid program as a matching program while providing a fairer and more equitable formula for calculating the matching rate; (3) reject any illusory financing schemes; (4) continue existing law for Federal minimum quality standards for nursing homes and the enforcement of those standards; (5) continue Federal rules that prevent wives or husbands from being required to impoverish themselves in order to obtain and keep medicaid benefits for their spouse requiring nursing home care and continue existing prohibitions against the States requiring the adult children of institutionalized patients from having to contribute to the cost of nursing facility services; and (6) provide coverage of medicare premiums and cost-sharing payments for low-income seniors consistent with the unanimous National Governors' Association medicaid policy. SEC. 404. SENSE OF CONGRESS ON IMPACT OF LEGISLATION ON CfflL- DREN. (a) SENSE OF CONGRESS. —I t is the sense of Congress that Congress should not adopt or enact any legislation that will increase the number of children who are hungry, homeless, poor, or medically uninsured. (b) LEGISLATIVE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR IMPACT ON CHILDREN. — In the event legislation enacted to comply with this resolution results in an increase in the number of hungry, homeless, poor, or medically uninsured by the end of fiscal year 1997, Congress shall revisit the provisions of such legislation which caused such increase and shall, as soon as practicable thereafter, adopt legislation which would halt any continuation of such increase. SEC. 405. SENSE OF CONGRESS ON DEBT REPAYMENT. It is the sense of Congress that— (1) Congress has a basic moral and ethical responsibility to future generations to repay the Federal debt; (2) Congress should enact a plan that balances the budget and also develop a regimen for paying off the Federal debt; (3) after the budget is balanced, a surplus should be created which can be used to begin paying off the debt; and 29-194O-96 -21:QL3Part6