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110 STAT. 4476 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—JUNE 13, 1996 (8) ensuring the future of Medicare and medicaid is essential to protecting access to high-quality health care for senior citizens and poor women and children; (9) Federal health care expenses have been rising at double digit rates, and are projected to triple to 11 percent of GDP by the year 2030 unless appropriate policy changes are made; and (10) due to demographic factors. Federal health care expenses are projected to double by the year 2030, even if health care cost inflation is restrained after 1999, so that costs for each person of a given age grow no faster than the economy. (b) SENSE OF THE SENATE. —I t is the sense of the Senate that budget savings in the mandatory spending area should be used— (1) to protect and enhance the retirement security of the American people by ensuring the long-term future of the Social Security system; (2) to protect and enhance the health care security of senior citizens and poor Americans by ensuring the long-term future of Medicare and medicaid; and (3) to restore and maintain Federal budget discipline, to ensure that the level of private investment necessary for longterm economic growth and prosperity is available. SEC. 427. SENSE OF THE SENATE REGARDING THE TRANSFER OF EXCESS GOVERNMENT COMPUTERS TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS. (a) ASSUMPTIONS.— The figures contained in this resolution are based on the following assumptions: (1) America's children must obtain the necessary skills and tools needed to succeed in the technologically advanced 21st century; (2) Executive Order 12999 outlines the need to make modem computer technology an integral part of every classroom, provide teachers with the professional development they need to use new technologies effectively, connect classrooms to the National Information Infrastructure, and encourage the creation of excellent education software; (3) many private corporations have donated educational software to schools, which are lacking the necessary computer hardware to utilize this equipment; (4) current inventories of excess Federal Government computers are being conducted in each Federal agency; and (5) there is no current communication being made between Federal agencies with this excess equipment and the schools in need of these computers. (b) SENSE OF THE SENATE. —I t is the sense of the Senate that the functional totals and aggregates in this budget resolution assume that the General Services Administration should place a high priority on facilitating direct transfer of excess Federal Government computers to public schools and community-based educational organizations. SEC. 428. SENSE OF THE SENATE ON FEDERAL RETREATS. It is the sense of the Senate that the assumptions underlying the function totals and aggregates in this resolution assume that all Federal agencies will refrain from using Federal funds for