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PUBLIC LAW 105-17^JUNE 4, 1997 111 STAT. 133 for specific audiences, including parents, administrators, teachers, early intervention personnel, related services personnel, and individuals with disabilities; "(C) to disseminate such findings and products; and "(D) to collaborate with other such recipients in carry- ing out subparagraphs (B) and (C). " (g) APPLICATION MANAGEMENT.— " (1) STANDING PANEL.— " (A) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall establish and use a standing panel of experts who are competent, by virtue of their training, expertise, or experience, to evaluate applications under this subpart that, individually, request more than $75,000 per year in Federal financial assistance. "(B) MEMBERSHIP.— The standing panel shall include, at a minimum— "(i) individuals who are representatives of institutions of higher education that plan, develop, and carry out programs of personnel preparation; "(ii) individuals who design and carry out programs of research targeted to the improvement of special education programs and services; "(iii) individuals who have recognized experience and knowledge necessary to integrate and apply research findings to improve educational and transitional results for children with disabilities; "(iv) individuals who administer programs at the State or local level in which children with disabilities participate; "(v) individuals who prepare parents of children with disabilities to participate in making decisions about the education of their children; "(vi) individuals who establish policies that affect the delivery of services to children with disabilities; "(vii) individuals who are parents of children with disabilities who are benefiting, or have benefited, from coordinated research, personnel preparation, and technical assistance; and " (viii) individuals with disabilities. "(C) TRAINING.— The Secretary shall provide training to the individuals who are selected as members of the standing panel under this paragraph. "(D) TERM.— No individual shall serve on the standing panel for more than 3 consecutive years, unless the Secretary determines that the individual's continued participation is necessary for the sound administration of this subpart. " (2) PEER-REVIEW PANELS FOR PARTICULAR COMPETITIONS.— " (A) COMPOSITION.—The Secretary shall ensure that each sub-panel selected from the standing panel that reviews applications under this subpart includes— "(i) individuals with knowledge and expertise on the issues addressed by the activities authorized by the subpart; and "(ii) to the extent practicable, parents of children with disabilities, individuals with disabilities, and persons from diverse backgrounds.