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Ill STAT. 340 PUBLIC LAW 105-33—AUG. 5, 1997 "(2) BENEFICIARY PROTECTIONS AND OTHER MATTERS.—The demonstration project shall comply with the requirements of part C of this title that relate to beneficiary protections and other matters, including such requirements relating to the following areas: "(A) Enrollment and disenrollment. "(B) Nondiscrimination. "(C) Information provided to beneficiaries. "(D) Cost-sharing limitations. "(E) Appeal and grievance procedures. "(F) Provider participation. "(G) Access to services. "(H) Quality assurance and external review. "(I) Advance directives. "(J) Other areas of beneficiary protections that the Secretary determines are applicable to such project. "(e) INSPECTOR GENERAL.— Nothing in the agreement entered into under subsection (b) shall limit the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services from investigating any matters regarding the expenditure of funds under this title for the demonstration project, including compliance with the provisions of this title and all other relevant laws. " (f) VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION. —Participation of medicareeligible military retirees or dependents in the demonstration project shall be voluntary. "(g) TRICARE HEALTH CARE PLANS. — "(1) MODIFICATION OF TRICARE CONTRACTS. —In carrying out the demonstration project, the Secretary of Defense is authorized to amend existing TRICARE contracts (including contracts with designated providers) in order to provide the medicare health care services to the medicare-eligible military retirees and dependents enrolled in the demonstration project consistent with part C of this title. "(2) HEALTH CARE BENEFITS.— The administering Secretaries shall prescribe the minimum health care benefits to be provided under such a plan to medicare-eligible military retirees or dependents enrolled in the plan. Those benefits shall include at least all medicare health care services covered under this title. "(h) ADDITIONAL PLANS. —Notwithstanding any provisions of title 10, United States Code, the administering Secretaries may agree to include in the demonstration project any of the Medicare+Choice plans described in section 1851(a)(2)(A), and such agreement may include an agreement between the Secretary of Defense and the Medicare+Choice organization offering such plan to provide medicare health care services to medicare-eligible military retirees or dependents and for such Secretary to receive pay- ments from such organization for the provision of such services, " (i) PAYMENTS BASED ON REGULAR MEDICARE PAYMENT RATES.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— Subject to the succeeding provisions of this subsection, the Secretary shall reimburse the Secretary of Defense for services provided under the demonstration project at a rate equal to 95 percent of the amount paid to a Medicare+Choice organization under part C of this title with Regulations. respect to such an enrollee. In cases in which a payment amount may not otherwise be readily computed, the Secretary shall