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Ill STAT. 2214 PUBLIC LAW 105-102—NOV. 20, 1997 of the United States Government of the fee simple title to those airports. "(c) POLICE POWER. —Virginia shall have concurrent police power authority over the Metropolitan Washington Airports, and the courts of Virginia may exercise jurisdiction over Washington National Airport. "(d) PLANNING.—(1) The authority of the National Capital Planning Commission under section 5 of the Act of June 6, 1924 (40 U.S.C. 71d), does not apply to the Airports Authority. "(2) The Airports Authority shall consult with— "(A) the Commission and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation before undertaking any major alterations to the exterior of the main terminal at Washington Dulles International Airport; and "(B) the Commission before undertaking development that would alter the skyline of Washington National Airport when viewed from the opposing shoreline of the Potomac River or from the George Washington Parkway. "(e) OPERATION LIMITATIONS.— The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may not increase the number of instrument flight rule takeoffs and landings authorized for air carriers by the High Density Rule (14 CFR 93.121 et seq.) at Washington National Airport on October 18, 1986, and may not decrease the number of those takeoffs and landings except for reasons of safety. '^§ 49112. Separability and effect of judicial order "(a) SEPARABILITY. — If any provision of this chapter, or the application of a provision of this chapter to a person or circumstsince, is held invalid, the remainder of this chapter and the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected. "(b) EFFECT OF JUDICIAL ORDER. —(1) If any provision of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Amendments Act of 1996 (title DC of Public Law 104-264; 110 Stat. 3274) or the amendments made by the Act, or the application of that provision to a person, circumstance, or venue, is held invalid by a judicial order, the Secretary of Transportation and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority shall be subject to section 49108 of this title from the day after the day the order is issued. "(2) Any action of the Airports Authority that was required to be submitted to the Board of Review under section 6007(f)(4) of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-500; 100 Stat. 1783-380; Public Law 99-599; 100 Stat. 3341- 383) before October 9, 1996, remains in effect and may not be set aside only because of a judicial order invalidating certain ftmctions of the Board.". SEC. 3. TECHNICAL CHANGES TO OTHER LAWS. (a) Effective November 15, 1995, section 333(a)(1) and (2) of the Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropria- 49 USC 5302 tions Act, 1996 (Public Law 104^50; 109 Stat. 457) is amended note, 5302. to read as follows: "(1) in subparagraph (B) 'that extends the economic life of a bus for at least 5 years'; and "(2) in subparagraph (C), 'that extends the economic life of a bus for at least 8 years'.".