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Ill STAT. 2222 PUBLIC LAW 105-104—NOV. 20, 1997 of the following ways: by written notice mailed to the last mailing address given to the Commission by each member, by facsimile, telegram or by telephone. The Chairmanship of the Commission shall rotate annually among the voting members of the Commission on an alphabetical basis, with the first chairman to be the State Commissioner representing the State of Alabama. "(f) All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public. "(g) The ACF Basin Commission, so long as the exercise of power is consistent with this Compact, shall have the following general powers: "(1) to adopt bylaws and procedures governing its conduct; "(2) to sue and be sued in any court of competent jurisdiction; "(3) to retain and discharge professional, technical, clerical and other staff and such consultants as are necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Compact; "(4) to receive funds from any lawful source and expend funds for any lawful purpose; Contracts. "(5) to enter into agreements or contracts, where appropriate, in order to accomplish the purposes of this Compact; "(6) to create committees and delegate responsibilities; "(7) to plan, coordinate, monitor, and make recommendations for the water resources of the ACF Basin for the purposes of, but not limited to, minimizing adverse impacts of floods and droughts and improving water quality, water supply, and conservation as may be deemed necessary by the Commission; "(8) to participate with other governmental and non-governmental entities in carrying out the purposes of this Compact; "(9) to conduct studies, to generate information regarding the water resources of the ACF Basin, and to share this information among the Commission members and with others; "(10) to cooperate with appropriate state, federal, and local agencies or any other person in the development, ownership, sponsorship, and operation of water resource facilities in the ACF Basin; provided, however, that the Commission shall not own or operate a federally-owned water resource facility unless authorized by the United States Congress; "(11) to acquire, receive, hold and convey such personal and real property as may be necessary for the performance of its duties under the Compact; provided, however, that nothing in this Compact shall be construed as granting the ACF Basin Commission authority to issue bonds or to exercise any right of eminent domain or power of condemnation; "(12) to establish and modify an allocation formula for apportioning the surface waters of the ACF Basin among the states of Alabama, Florida and Georgia; and "(13) to perform all functions required of it by this Compact and to do all things necessary, proper or convenient in the performance of its duties hereunder, either independently or in cooperation with any state or the United States. " ARTICLE VII " EQUITABLE APPORTIONMENT "(a) It is the intent of the parties to this Compact to develop an allocation formula for equitably apportioning the surface waters